Iris and Chenille

In my last post, I was working the iris corner block for the 365 quilt block challenge. It is now done. I will describe it like me. It it kinda has a chubby stem, and is imperfect, LOL! I refuse to do this block again. This represents several days of my time. It is obvious that we all have off days. When making the stem block, it was an off day. As a quilter, I think we can all relate to those days when we sit down to sew and everything does not align with the planets, and jack the seam ripper comes out to play. I refused to play with jack that day. I was extremely tired. In hindsight, it probably would have been wise to save the remainder of this for the weekend vs, sewing this in two more segments in two evenings. Ah well, such is life.

I did not tally how many hours this took, but it has many many pieces. So there was lots of starching, and pressing. Cutting and then sewing and subcutting. And a couple more nights of cutting, and then a night of sewing. You get the idea.

The good news is, in the last week, we have had two days of warmer temperatures so, to the quilting machine I went. The Dream Big Opal Panel is completely quilted. I am now going back and doing the chenille work on the outlines of the petals. This is more effort than I thought it would be. I think it will be well worth it, we will find out when we wash it.

I doubled my cotton batting, and boy does this show off texture well!

The outllined petal above is a bunch of letter Us. You will have to wait upon it’s reveal to learn more about the letter U. In the upper right, this was a free pantograph printable from UrbanElements. Here is a link if you are interested to their 41 free patterns.

I did a bunch of random stuff, doodling with thread. This is looking great and will go on the girls bed wonderfully. It has a bit of extra warmth too!

Not much for a weeks worth of work to show. The overtime is cramp’in my style. It will not last forever. And warm weather is just around the corner. I look forward to quilty days ahead!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!


Rounding the Corner

In my last post I finally got to build the second of the large corner blocks in the #365QuiltBlockChallenge. It was a challenge and was very satisfying to build the bigger block. So I dug around in my printouts and got this corner block sewn too.

The pattern of this showed gradient fabrics. My gradient matching fabrics had started to run low a long time ago. But there was selection of fabrics I hardly touched that are kind of orangish red. So I built with those. I am pleased as punch how this turned out.

The complexity of this block has a gob of mitered corners. You are either successful at this, or you are not. There is really no fudge factor when it comes to this style of block. I had a good day in the sewing dept. I started on this Friday evening. I finished this up late last night after pulling some overtime on Saturday too.

When I gathered these fabrics to make this, I was less than enthused because of the orangish hue. I did manage to get the center bloom made before going to bed. And when I got up in the morning to get ready for work, flicked on the light, and the bloom was radiating at me from across the room. Amazing how a good nights sleep has this affect on the brain. So, I hurried to finish.

Now I am doing the last corner. I have enjoyed making these so much. I will be going back to the smaller blocks when I complete this. My alphabity assignments went all the way up to U on just the iris blooms.

These had some mitered corners too, but not the equilateral kind where you have the same fabric amount hanging off both sides. So there is a big imperfection and they were just barely big enough to use. I started pressing and fabric pulling last night with a tad of cutting.

I got tired and went to bed to enjoy the morning sleep in. Once I was awake and patiently waited for the house to wake up, I have gotten this far. These are HARD! I am liking the colors on this as well. I am to the basket and will probably save that for another day. I am pooped and still have much day left!

This will finish for the next post.

Agenda for the rest of today is catch up laundry, cook a good meal, vacuum the house, baths for the children, and if I am lucky I will sneak in a nap.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Choosing the Backing for Quilts

Greetings readers! I have not made many quilt seams in the last few days. But I have made some big ones. I decided to pull from my shelf the completed quilt tops I have and try to match them up with my current fabrics in my stash for the backings.

I finished this top in November and plan to make it the first quilt I quilt in 2021. After looking through my fabric selection on hand, I had to fork out the dollars and found this backing fabric.

This has a dark contrast with lovely blue accents in a rather loud pattern. Perfect for a backing. How did I choose this backing? I trolled the internet for several days, and found what I wanted. How does one really know what they want? Sometimes I really have not a clue. There is really so much variety in fabrics. You could probably scroll online for days in search of that perfect cut of fabric. In this case, my search did not take days, but I certainly visited many sites trying to find the “one”. It brings all the colors of the top to the back, except for the gray. I really wanted fabric that was predominately black. Why you ask? On my quilting machine, my machine likes the same matchy matchy thread in the top and bottom. So since this top has a good majority of black, probably will quilt this in black. I am not going to do any custom quilting on this and am going to practice the art of the pantograph on this one. I need to get more rehearsed in this, especially if I decided to quilt for others. Pantos are the bread and butter of the quilting industry. Time wise, it will make me the most money.

Another quilt top needing finishing is the Brown Ribbon Quilt which is hot off the featherweight.

My backing selection for this knew I did not want to go neutral. Since this is so scrappy, I knew most of my yardage I have in my stash would make a severely pieced backing. As a longarmer, pieced backing can cause issues with quilting, from going through an extra 8 layers of fabric, to quilt hammock and therefore puckers on the back. Those of you who can manage to piece a backing in more than 2 or three pieces, my hats off to you. My set up is persnickety and therefore not ideal for me. So no to neutral. What about brown? I knew I had some yardage of brown, but none of them were big enough. I dug all through my totes, and figured out that none of them would work. I did purchase a large piece of brown yardage for black friday and forgot about that. It was not yet put up in the tote yet. So the backing is now one large piece, cut, then seamed. This is what I had in my stash. Not crazy about it, but it works. The fabric did not “speak” to me, but I am trying to use what I have on hand for this in keeping with the scrappiness of this. I counted the pieces in this quilt by the way, it has more than 2200. THAT is A LOT of scraps!

Again this will probably be pantograph quilted with a camel color thread that will blend in with the browns as well as the neutrals.

And then I came across this top, which I kind of forgot about.

This quilt has lots of oranges, pinks, and reds, which really run all together. So I found some plaid orange and black. Not perfect at all, but because I do not really like this quilt, I definately do not want to spend any money on it, so I am using a piece of fabric that was given to me. It is soft as it is homespun. It would make a beautiful Halloween shirt. It really goes with nothing I have, it was just a large continuous piece that would work for what I have. I have now pieced this backing with one seam and it is ready to be quilted. Again, going panto, and will probably find a very simple panto that will be quick. Funny how much effort you can put towards a project like this and then you don’t really like it as much as you like the others you have stitched and it does not fill your heart with love so you treat like it less than your other quilts.

So the process of choosing backings varies greatly with how much you like the quilt. If you think the quilt is ugly, you may treat it like cinderella and give it a mop bucket for backing. Or you can look for days for the right fabric and find it. Through the years, I have waited years to find the right fabric. And never regretted the long decision. You may want a large pattern for the backing, you may want a whole cloth quilt look, you may use what you have. You may have something that does not even match. All these scenarios work. Ultimately, you use what will work for you.

So now I have three ready for the longarm. All my tops were re-ironed and carefully folded and put in my project bag to quilt soon. I will have to wait for the weather to warm up. Usually there is a warm snap in January or February where the weather gets close to 80, which would work great. I still need to finish my Opal Dream Big panel as it is currently on the machine. I have a couple of passes to go on that and will finish it rather quickly.

In the meantime I will work in 365 quilt blocks in when I can. I was able to get one more corner block done as well as a small 3 inch block. Love them both!

This large corner block turned out far better than I thought it would. I really want to sew all these big corner blocks now as my pieces of fabrics are getting on the small side and I do not want to purchase more fabric for this quilt. I have had enough of the reds and burgundies and will not be making a red quilt in the near future. Kind of sick of seeing red. I only lack a couple months worths of blocks and will be done. 60ish blocks that is all. I am so close! Yet so far.

It will happen when it happens. It looks like overtime is coming again, soooooo, probably nothing to post here for a bit. I will update my blog as time allows.

Thanks readers for reading my blog!

The Brown Ribbon Quilt

I have a quilt top finish! All made from scraps! And I have named it the Brown Ribbon Quilt.

If you look carefully I have two matching corners. The two remaining corners are different. The zig-zag of the brown ribbon border did not align in two corners. That is ok.

I improvised and connected the one corner. And because a ribbon has two ends, ended the other different corner with the ends of the ribbon. Not asymetrical, but that is ok. I am happy with it. And because ribbons do have two ends, that is why I named it the Brown Ribbon. If that corner would have aligned differently, it would have been called something else. This quilt measures 60 X 68. Do not let the camera lens fool the eye, this is not a square quilt. I estimate 4 1/2 yards of fabric were used in the making of the top.

I did have two orphan blocks left over after sewing this, so I am gonna share the next quilt I made.

Step one, have two identical sized blocks, and 3 pieces of batting.

Your batting pieces need to be approximately 1/2 inch smaller than your block.

Sorry folks the camera messed up and I did not realize it until after I uploaded the photos.

Stack your 3 layers of batting. Place your blocks on top of your batting with right sides together. Pin and stitch around the perimeter of the block. Leave a turning hole of about 3 inches to turn right side out next.

Close up open hole with your preferred method of stitching. I chose to just top stitch all the way around before quilting the center. Not perfect, but perfectly a potholder eh?

I managed this mechanical stitch on my featherweight with no walking foot. Gotta love the vintage machines!

Potholder (aka very small quilt) complete, no binding necessary!

There is more of a story with this quilt, which I will share at a later time. Now back to my scrappy rendition of the 365Quilt Block Challenge.

The final round

I am sewing the last and final round on the scrappy brown quilt. When you start without a plan, as the plan comes together, sometimes you question the direction you are taking the fabric. The pieces on this last round are so small, I wondered if this would be visible?

I got one side done, and it took me way too long!

I snapped several photos of this wondering if the camera lens would capture what I was seeing in my brain. I looked at this from across the room, squinting, trying to see if even under blurred vision, if my vision of this undulating last border would work.

I slept on it. I did not want to proceed if it was not worth my time. And then the light coming in from the late afternoon sun caught it just right, and as I was at the other end of the room, I could see these pieces sparkle. It was sparkling just right, like I thought it would. I need to trust my quilty gut more often.

So the second side went on today. This side had more of a rhythm and did not take as long.

Fresh on the ironing board!

The corner ended up just going a straight direction. I was hoping it would go a little more outward, but I am just keeping on. I am to my 3rd corner and this corner will be different that this one. That is okay. It undulates! GOAL!

I tried snapping many different angles of this to make sure I was indeed going in the direction I wanted.

Today after getting the whole second side on, I decided to lay it out on the design floor and snap another photo, just to be sure.

When all is said and done, this quilt will have used about 4 1/2 yds of fabric in the top. ALL SCRAPS! And NO SCRAPS WERE ADDED in it’s making! We quilters know, the scrap bin seems to replicate itself at an alarming rate. No matter how hard we try to use it up, it never seems to go down. This is making a lovely dent in the scrap bins/tubs!

This has been a nice break from the 365 quilt block challenge. I aim to be done with this scrappy quilt over the weekend. I have never designed my own pattern, but this one would make a great pattern. I have not a clue how to publish such a thing as far as software and such. I would assume I would have to purchase the electric quilt software which is kinda expensive.

Those of you who live in my area, do you remember Louise’s Fabrics on the square? Well I am not gonna lie, I have had some of this fabric since they were in business! (The Quilters Cat fabric is finally getting used a small piece at a time!). I think there is some solid tan fabric in this that I bought at the thrift store by the bolt 20ish years ago. I am using up the last of that.

Speaking of bolts, do some of you buy by the bolt? Since the tan bolt of fabric (and I think I had a solid purple bolt that just wont die), I steer clear of these purchases. You get sick of looking at it, and it really does not get incorporated into any of your quilting plans because you put it away (or hide it away). Out of curiosity, how many of you can relate the the hidden bolt of fabric? Am I the only one? Please leave your bolt of fabric story in the comments section.

This quilt has been quite the accomplishment as I have used up some old, non-moving fabric out of my stash almost entirely. I am brainstorming on backings, and I know I have some more fabric that is a larger piece that might work for the backing. It is a wanted poster for an old gunslinger in the west. This fabric also came from Louise’s Fabrics and was probably bargained priced at 50 cents per yard. I think it is in my big tote. I will have to search it up. I bet I have either some neutral or brown that would be perfect for this. If it ends up being 3 pieces, that is ok too. Use it up and move it out!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this stitching! I have been thinking about the reason behind the enjoyment, and have realized something.

Last year I started my year stitching on Frolic which was a huge undertaking and a pattern by someone else (less control). I also started the 365 quilt block challenge, which is another huge undertaking (again, less control). Both are designed by someone else, made using someone else’s instruction. I think the reason why I enjoyed this so much is because I got to determine the direction of this whole quilt. I determined how to achieve the snowballed corners. I decided the details, and it FELT GREAT! It has been too long since I was at the helm steering my quilt happiness, so to speak. I need to remember this in the future, it may help me along, you just never know.

TGIF! And thanks for reading my blog!

Next Round

My Color Challenge quilt is coming along nicely. I have a plan. It is starting to come together.

The plan in rough draft.

It has been a good couple of days and when you have the right tool for the job, it makes it quick and effortless. The covered corners ruler by Doug Leko is a life saver. I have used this ruler to the point of getting the smaller one. No drawing lines from corner to corner to get these results. Just cut and stitch. Plus these covered corners come with their own leader/enders. And everything is accurate so no extra trimming slivers of fabric.

Here is the round of neutrals attached.

Here is round three ready to stitch to the top.

Here are the bonus triangles. I used these as leader enders as I was stitching the snowballs. I need to count these to see if I have enough and want to proceed to round 4. It would really add a neat new border, but would require a gob of work. I am thinking of using these to zig-zag the last border. Just the effort of trimming and pressing these will be very time consuming. Unsure, but I hate to waste them. Plans dangling LOL.

These trim out to 1 1/4 inch. Which is perfect size as it is half the size of the sewn 2 inch block. I am thinking that last border will be neutral with the brown triangles.

I need to calculate how much yardage scraps I have used for this quilt. I can see my tubs and drawers dwindling. When you build a quilt and can see a dent in your scraps and your stash, you are doing something right!

Sometimes when I am piecing, I just want to get it done. It is a rather manic behavior. Do any of you get this way. I feel compelled, some inner force really wanting to be done, and so I go and go and go. I am not a manic person, but I DO like to get the job done. And I DO work quickly. I learned a long time ago, smarter not harder.

I have done a couple quilts in this state of mind, where I want to focus only on it, and sew sew sew! I wonder if this manic is excitement? Or if it is your brain wanting the image in your mind to come out and join the rest of the world for everyone to see?

The vintage wedding ring quilt pictured above is one I completed last year during my time off for the holiday. Gosh, it has already been a year. The Jewel Box Flambé pictured above, I recall calling in sick to work around the 4th of july to get the top done. I think I started it at or around the 4th, took off from work and had the top done in two weeks. This is a king size quilt. It definitely passed the time.

There is some inner clock that is rushing me to get quilts done. Not so much the quilting of them but the piecing of them. Not quite sure if manic is the right word. Although in looking at, I see a synonym for manic is crazed. And another word for crazed is out of one’s mind. So perhaps manic is the right word. My idea is coming to life, and now resides outside my mind. Hmmmm….

One day I will be smart enough to know what this is and is not. Who knows maybe I am already equipped with the wisdom and this behavior is the wisdom of the inner mind.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Cutting up my stash

Last week I delved into my tubs of scraps to get some brown quilt blocks done.

To recap, after sorting my tubs by color, brown and neutrals were nominated the winner. I needed just 2 more brown blocks to make the pattern I had in my mind. So, out the brown yardage came. I cut 2 inch strips and subcut those for a variety in my last block to be placed with the already “tubbed” browns. This left many quilt squares in the tub, which is not the outcome I had wanted. The idea of this quilt along was to sew up your scraps. In order for me to continue, I had to make more scraps to get where I was going. The story of my scrappy life, LOL! So, this then changed up my plan once again. I was going to stagger a brown block with a neutral block and I just thought that layout was not the route I wanted to go. Sorry I failed to capture a photo of this. It sparkled, but not the way I wanted it to.

So I got on my Quiltspace app, and decided to look up to others for ideas. There are so many lovely matriarchs/patriarchs in the quilting realm. Some had suggested the same pattern over and over. Some did not know the name of the pattern. Turns out Goodnight Irene was the name. So a few more stitches happened. I got this sewn yesterday and the weather cooperated for a picture in the sunshine!

This pattern is a relatively easy pattern. Undulating blocks of 16 patch and partially snowballed blocks come together to make this neat affect. Since my finished block size is 6 inches, if you count the rows and do the math, this only comes to a 36 inch by 42 inch quilt. I Need it bigger, but did NOT want to cut more brown. So I reverted back to my tubs. I continued with the neutral blocks, so a rounding of neutrals it is. The neutral tub count will be pretty near diminished by the time I complete the 7 remaining blocks.

This will become 48 by 54. Still on the small side. Hmmmmm. It is unclear the next improv act on this quilt top. I am liking how it is going now. Perhaps a brown border of one row of brown snowballs that zigzag around. 51 by 57. Hmmmm…..

I will be brainstorming until the right idea pops in. I may even ask on Quiltspace again. Opinions wanted! Please share your ideas in the comment section. Some of you are really good with your quilting advice. Plant your quilty seeds on my blog and watch them grow!

In the meantime I do have another plan for the day. My goal was to do this in the morning, but I did not have my act together. What is “this” exactly?

We are going to make some baked cake doughnuts. I will be trying out a new pan and will let you know of my review of that experience along with the recipe. I am currently bringing these ingredients to room temperature. Be looking for that post on my other blog

TTFN….ta ta for now! And thanks for reading my blog!

Browns Exhausted, Work in Progress

Since I have went back to work, I have totally ditched the 365 Quilt Block Challenge. Yeah, not on purpose, but once I started sewing out of my tubs….

I really did not want to have two of these projects on my small 12 by 12 mat at the same time. So I ditched the harder of the two for now.

I then placed my blocks on my little design wall and snapped a photo. I LOVED how these browns looked grouped together. So, a little improv stitching happened. Still not clear on the direction, but it is easy stitching for now.

So then I just dumped the whole tub out and started to sew. The goal for challenge is 25 blocks. I have only a few brown scraps left before I have to start much repeat of the same color brown so I have exhausted my browns for now.

I forget how large with sashing the 25 block quilt will be, but I know the sashing is smaller than 6 inches. Six inches is the size of these finished blocks. So, I decided to dive into the neutral tub. It is all separated by fabric matched piles on my mat and I have been sewing away on these. I already have 4 blocks done. To get a variety, I will probably have to do a fabric dig in the bins to see if I can pull some fresh meat into the neutral pile. I am wondering if I staggered the neutrals with the browns, every other block, if this would make a very quick postage stamp quilt? Or if this is too much contrast with the brown to neutral ratio.

So many of these pieces are in two quilts mainly. A quilt I made when I was so poooooor. I actually found a fabric kit to make a quilt top for 7 dollars on Ebay before Ebay was the place to sell fabric. I forget the name of the block, but it is a 9 patch center with star points surrounding. Those are then trimmed out in small sashing and the corner stones are friendship stars. A quilt for a whole 7 dollars. I still have this quilt, and it is still a big favorite. If the quilt could talk it would tell a story.

When I got divorced, this quilt was taken from me. My grandmothers quilt was also taken from me (it was from the 50s). One day (probably out of guilt) both quilts were returned to me in a garbage bag, soppin’ wet on my porch without a note. Because the vintage quilt was so old and to the point of being thin in spots the washing to remove the mildew that grew in it, my grandma’s quilt did not make it. It was a simple large 9 patch tied with green sashing. It was sad I could not save it. Made me mad all over again that it was taken from me to hurt me, only to be returned to clear the conscious of those who took it. Them not knowing they damaged it for life (or did they know). Because the quilt I made was much newer, the washing was not an issue and that quilt came out clean. I still have it today. I think I made that quilt in between 2002 and 2005. I would stitch a few blocks, nothing that I obsessed over. This quilt has become very thin, probably because it is quilted with polyester. Maybe this is so soft because of all the homespuns in it. Did I mention in this kit, all the squares were already cut. And they were cut very accurately, I assume die cut, not sure. Here is that quilt.

This quilt is full of blues, reds, golds, and browns. This photo has captured the browns perfectly. I see every one of these in the blocks I am making today. The quilting on this I had the local longarmer do. At the time this was very advanced quilting. There were stars and loop-de-loops all contained in each block. I specifically asked for dense quilting. This was probably a panto square, and when the longarmers daughter decided to quit helping with the business, that creativity went with her. This is the main reason I have a longarm today. I was stymied by loop-de-loops and large meander only for all quilt tops. When you have a vision, you must bring the vision to fruition or the hobby becomes kind of frustrating.

I placed an order for backing for this quilt yesterday. I found a batik with turquoise and black, which will compliment this nicely.

So, in summary, stitching happened! Whooohoooo! Off to a good start.

And with all that is happening in our nations capital, I fear it will not be good for any of us. The trickle down economics will result in more fleecing of America. Things rarely work out from the top in our favor. Let’s hope the end of terror has begun and a new enlightenment is happening. Let’s hope that peace remains on the minds of everyone, and everyone remains vigilant with the thought of peace.

Thank you for reading my blog!

The block count

My last day off, ho-hum. The thought of going back to work out of my safe cocoon, is depressing. But the bills gotta be paid. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. And will look forward to snippets of time off soon!

Yesterday I broke in to my tubs of squares. I am quilting along with and making scrap quilts. The goal is do what you can do. So I got out my tubs and determined my largest tub count of blocks is of the 2 inch variety. Then I took them all out of their tubs and separated by color. The winning color was neutral LOL. Second runner up is brown. So, I did some easy stitching yesterday with NO cutting required. This:

Became this:

I am not hugely fond of brown, but the earthen tone of these blocks will have a very homey feel. I have made 11 of these so far and have more for sewing today. The suggested amount of blocks is 25. I don’t think I am going to follow their directions. I will probaby stop when the tub gets low, and these may get paired with another color instead of sashing the browns. To be determined.

I have decided to do a block count of all the blocks I have made while I have been away from work. I got a few more made of the 365 quilt block challenge.

For the most part these were all very quick blocks. I may have to visit block number 3 from the left again. This block you sewed two different size strip sets together, and then sewed the two strips together again to make 1 strip, then you cut them at varying lengths. By flip-flopping them, it created a nice affect.

And the final block count is……..drum roll please. 110! I did not count sewing sub units together creating a different block, just blocks.

I had many of these:

And then there was some larger ones:

And some churn dash, A big THANK you to Gail at for the free sew along!

Amazing what you can get done with a little extra time. A little math here, 110 blocks divided by 23 days off equals an average of 4.78 blocks per day LOL. 5 blocks a day is not normally a lot. But the fact that I was making such tiny pieces and having to re-trim every HST, flying geese, or QST really adds time to the sub units of each block.

In comparision, yesterday while sewing the browns to make my 16 patches, I breezed right through these. 11 happened in one day, and that was just a few hours of sewing. I am loving my speed trimmer great for breaking the threads while chain piecing. Best 10 bucks I ever spent. (Mine is attached to a hand turned {lathed} piece of wood).

This device sticks into the end of a spool (coats and clark). I suspect there is a rotary cutter blade within. This is also equipped to wear on a string around the neck. They run around 7 dollars, but you could probably find them for 1/2 price and wait for them to go on sale. I have used mine so much! It is worth its weight in gold.

Today is getting ready for the ho-hum coming. The house is pretty much clean, I need to tackle the kitchen a couple of times today because I am making pies and breads, and homemade pizza. Laundry will get to its most caught up state, ready to go back to the grind, *SIGH*.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Another day off

Being off for 3 weeks has been AWESOME! Never a mundane moment. Not needing to plan a thing as I stay at home and only get out for necessities.

New Years Eve was rather quiet. I was sewing 2 of the 4 quadrants for one of the large corner stone blocks on the 365 quilt block challenge. Right at making fried chicken for supper, I logged onto youtube and helped Kate from The Last Homely House ring in her new year, live. I really like watching her videos, there is vast creativeness in all directions. She is a delight to listen too. We have much in common. Here is a link to her youtube channel.

Once it struck 6 p.m. here she signed off, and supper was done. I had just completed these 2 blocks.

I will need to look through the patterns I have printed and probably finish the other 3 large corner stone blocks now as it takes much fabric. My scraps are getting smaller and smaller and it would be disappointing to cut out a quadrant, put it together and find out you do not have enough of that print to cover the other quadrants.

At 10 minutes after midnight, I got two more quadrants sewn. That is how I rang in the new year. I finished the last two seams to make the block this morning.

This took hours. The two side quadrants using my alphabitties came to letter Q with pieces. The top center went to the letter L. I did not time it, but I am guessing more than 4 hours, but gosh I am pleased, it turned out pretty! And I got to use up some of the kitty cat fabric I used in a quilt almost 10 years ago! I see my stems do not align with the stems in the bottom block, but looking through others photos, theirs are offset too. I assume a pattern rewrite???

This large corner block is the September 1st block and I did not go out of order. What does that mean? It means I reached my goal and will surpass before I go back to work. In other words, less to do later when I do not have as much time. Here are the last of August blocks.

Not liking the “H” block, but I have found I do not like them all. As a togetherness it will be ok as some of the pretty ones will outshine the ugly and therefore no one, not even I will probably even notice.

Yesterday was the day of rain, it rained and rained and rained. Glad I had no where to go, nice to stay in! Thank goodness it was above freezing or else we would have had a major mess today. I heard many people shooting off fireworks around midnight, partying at home instead of abroad, finding fun in their own way.

Today will probably be another day of home. I am such a home body and would much prefer to be the one to stay at home all the time. The house would be cleaner and more disciplined, or more according to my discipline. I suppose I should be careful what I wish for. 😉

The girls and I participated in some pony bead stringing. That did not last very long, but it was nice to craft with them.

It is cold today, and so I have just made some hot chocolate. ‘Tis ready to warm me from the inside out. MMMmmmm, warm and tasty.

Well, that is all for today, TTFN (ta ta for now). And thank you for reading my blog!