I finished binding the Terrarium Jelly Roll Race quilt.  Terrarium is a fabric line by Elizabeth Hartman.  Lush greens, teals, turquoise, with a tad of gray and purple.  Love this color blend.  It now resides in a pillow case awaiting it’s future.  What does it’s future hold?  Unknown.  I like it enough to keep it.  Too small for me to use, perfectly suited for the children’s beds.  But right now I have quilts I have not used yet.  Perhaps this will display nicely at the QuiltHop.  Is there anything really spectacular about it?  No, not really.  It is just in the done pile, a simple completion.  Who knows, maybe someone will decide to have a baby, and this would be perfectly suited for a boy or a girl.



errarium binding


Have I been working on my string quilt?  No….tsk tsk tsk!  Shame on me.  My sewing mood was just not standing the strings right now.  Perhaps when I am off for the Thanksgiving break, I will string again.



I have switched my gears and moved to my layer cake stash.  I picked out a layer cake line called Farmhouse by Moda Fabrics.  Lovely blend of perfectly matched fabrics which paired nicely with muslin.  Disappearing pinwheel baskets are forming.  I have two blocks complete.  I have all the HSTs done.  I have about 10 HST pinwheel blocks sewn/pressed ready for the subcut to get to the basket making of the block.

farmhouse fabric

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 23.22.33

In reflection, after making some lovely scrap quilts through the past couple of years, I have realized that the stagnation of these fabric designs for a fabric line are indeed beautiful, but something has changed inside my brain.  Even though they are beautiful, they seem cookie cutter to me.  It is kind of like bying a house on the block that looks like all the other houses, with very little difference amongst the houses.  They may have a color difference, but their roof pitch, the porch, their footprint and floor plans are all the same.  You may have 5 black fabrics all the EXACT same color, with flowers on one, and checkerboard on another.  And yet one of the other colors in that fabric family line, has the same flowers, and same checkerboards, very cookie cutter.


I have never been much of a cookie cutter kind of person.  I prefer unique, eclectic, odd things in life.  That is just me.  This has always been me and how I gravitate.  In quilting, and experimenting with the craft, as much as I really like beautiful fabrics and fabric lines, it is kind of stale.  If you would have asked me about the fabric lines 5 years ago, I did not know at that time my inner being was on a mission to debunk what I deem as pretty.  Pretty now, is still pretty, but not to the same degree.

grayscale photo of zebra
Zebras all may look alike, but their stripes are like fingerprints.  No two are exactly the same.  Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com


I now have so much more respect for scrappy quilts.  There is so much variety in fabrics.  Ugly fabric cut small enough, is no longer ugly.  It can pair with white or off white, or even orange.

stars and thars 2

I am so glad during my quilting journey that I have saved my scraps.  They have taught me lessons.  Lessons on contrast.  Lessons in quilt budgets.  Scrap quilts are really free remnants that come together into something to be admired and utilized, gifted and cherrished.  Lessons much like a penny saved is a penny earned.  Waste not Want not….yup that is a good theory of scraps, you will never be in need of scraps if you have some.  They never seem to dwindle.  Your supply never runs out.

woman illustrating albert einstein formula
Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

Imagine a world where you would never have to buy fabric again?!  Unlimited fabric!  That is what my scraps have taught me.  You save them, they sew into miles and miles of new patterns and blocks.  They never let you down, the bin stays full.  And you sew them, and you sew them, and you keep sewing them.  Scraps are pure sewing bliss!

analysis blackboard board bubble
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you have never made a scrap quilt, you are missing out.  There is a learning curve to scrap quilting.  If you pay attention close enough to the things on the internet, it will teach you a thing or two about them.  How to store scraps, how to plan with scraps, how to pair them, how to pattern and block with them, and how to make them work for you.  Amazing little snippets in a quilter’s life.  A bag of scraps to a quilter, carries all her past memories and her future dreams and good intentions.  My what a wonderful world!

A wonderful world full of much color!  Color is chicken soup for the quilters soul!


I became a statistic

I have been commuting to the same job for 18 years.  Every year the time changes twice, and every year I drive by a nasty accident, and I also am afraid of becoming a statistic.  I am always very careful the days following a time change because STUPID people are amoung us!

Years ago when the internet was new, I recall reading a statistic about daylight savings.  It involved a statistic for the insurance companies.  Their claim rates go up signifigantly when the time changes.  There are more accidents follinwg the time change than any other days on the calendar.  More heart attacks and strokes occur too, that one hour plays havoc with the mind and body!

Your body clock is a very perfectly tunned/timed device, you throw a wrench into the works by not eating at the same time, not sleeping at the same time, and not having the same amount of daylight at the same time.  And there is no cure.  You are forced to this schedule.

I think most american’s would agree that daylight savings should go.  It was invented to save candle wax, we are far more advanced that using candle wax, c’mon people we can use phones that can light the way in the dark.  Or better yet we just flip a switch to have light.

On Monday Novemeber 4th, benefits enrollment opened up at work.  And this year there were no paper mailers, this year it is all online.  So I stayed late at work to accomplish my next year elections.  I was running about 30 minutes late.  The 30 minutes late would then place my leaving at the peak of everyone else leaving.  I work with over 6000 people, and only 2 out holes, so you can imagine this “realeasing of the hounds” follows you all through the city and is minor traffic congestion where ever you go.  That was such a mistake, I regret leaving, If only I’d left at normal time, or stayed just a few more minutes.

Back in July I finally bought a new car.  Said new car has 7800 miles on it already,  My commute is long, my car is new, and I enjoy every minute I spend, as compared to my other car which was a 2008 and had manual locks and manual roll up windows.  I feel very lucky to drive this wonderful new car.

Exited work at about 4 ish.  Got caught at the first redlight.  The person in fornt of me was not paying attention wich caused me to break harder than I wanted.  But all was well.

Got caught at the next light.  I was about 7 cars back from the actual light.  The light had just changed green, and I just took my foot off the brake to give some gas.  Then I heard the crash behind me, and then I felt the tap.  Because I was already moving the tap was not as bad as it could have been if I was not moving.  I put the car in park and got out too see how bad it was.  A three car incident.  And the car that caused all of it was BAAAADDDD!

The speed limit on this road is 50.  Lots and lots of people like to travel this at 60 or faster.  Obvisouly when work gets out, travel is with the flow of traffic.  I estimate the woman that caused the accident was traveling around 55 or 60, and apparently had a bad case of distracted driver syndrome.  My guess is she was on her phone, more about that later.

So I ran back to the worst car, to see if she was still alive.  She was.  She could not talk, she could not breath (the wind was knocked out of her).  She was bleeding from her eyes.  All she could do was open her door, and lean her seat back to try to start breathing right again.  She just kept moaning probably because the wind was knocked out of her.

I looked back to see who was behind to make sure my safety was ok.  There was someone in the turning lane who came up on the accident (after the fact), and I motioned for her to call 911.

We both observed this 32 year old named Kelly in the crashed up car, that she hit the windshield.  No seatbelt.  She had purple hair.  Did not look like she lives by rules.  When she finally was able to speak, she asked if everyone was ok, I said yes we were fine.  She appolgized and said she was so sorry she did not mean too.  I told her it is ok, that is why it is called an accident.  You didn’t mean too.  She then asked me again if everyone was ok.  At this point I am thinking she is not thinking right and probably is seriously got something bad going on in her brain because it was not 5 seconds ago she had just asked the same question.  I answered her question the same.

The lady I asked to call 911 was done with the call and asked the 32 year old if she could call anyone for her.  She asked to speak to her mom.  She could not remember her moms number.  We asked for her phone.  We asked where her phone was, she said it was on her lap (yeah she was probably texting at the time of the accident).  We got her phone and got through to her mom.

At this point, we are only a block away from the fire dept.  They got there first, and then the police rolled in.  I gave my statement.  The officer collected his data.

There was also another man in between the worst and the best of the crash.  His name is Larry and I work with him.  That poor guy.  He was just back to work his first day after being off for medical leave.  He had his appendix out 2 weeks before.  He said he side was hurting but refused ambulance service and said he thought he might just drive and get his own assistance.  That man tried so hard not to hit me.

The impact from this girl hitting him caused his truck rear end to travel up then sideways.  That motion caused his cattle gaurd on his truck to hit my bumper at an angle, not straight on.  There looked to be no damage to his front end.  But the back end of the pick up was a nasty sight.  He said he was pushing hard on his break trying not to hit me.  I know he tried HAAAAAARRRRRDDDD!  I walked away uninjured.  I don’t think I can say the same for the others.  The girl was backboarded by the paramedics.  They were probably trying to keep her neck and back from moving.  The girl could not move.  But I witnessed her open her own car door and move her seat back, but perhaps she could not move her legs.

The reason she had the wind knocked out of her was becasue she was not wearing her seat belt.  The impact into the truck caused the truck to downforce on the car, which propelled her up.  She hit at the top of the windshield.  So the airbag deploy was right to the chest.

I travel this road every day, and every day have to be reminded by bleeding eyes that there was a wreck and that someone is very hurt.  This bother’s me.  I am now faced with an insurance claim on my new car, which will never be the same.  I cannot open my rear door anymore as it affected it that much.  I cannot use the car for what it was intended, to get groceries.  The damage and all the sensors and electronics is a worry for what will crap out now before it is time because it is unknown.

Our insurance company said if they pay for the claim that my rates will go up because I have a no acccident discount.  In the past chain reaction wrecks are usually paid by the insurance company of the car who hit you.  Again I feel sorry for the guy I work with in the truck as his insurance will be impacted.

What I would really like to do is take the girl to civil court for damages and make her pay my lawyer and get money that way for pain and suffering.  If I wanted to see someone bleeding from their eyes, I would have became a doctor.  I am not a doctor and never planned on ever seeing this sight.  I did not like what I saw, and I have a flash back every time I drive by that spot in my commute.

I am placing those photos at the very bottom of the post so they do not show up in wordpress feed.  Scroll to the bottom.  My car is the silver one.  You will figure out the other two.

My plans for quilting on Monday were canceled.  The wreck ate up 45 minutes and the extra 30 minutes I left late, nope, not enough time.  No quilting happened this week.  The daylight savings crunch has affected my quitling habit too.

I did have a finish this week.  My Kaffe Periwinkles is now complete.

I did some quilting it do death areas, QITD.  Some doodling, and then a pattern imerged that I really liked and stayed with it.

I am currently binding  Terrarium (by Elizabeth Hartman)  jelly roll race quilt.  That will be my next finish.


I have started pressing my neutrals for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt called frolic.

I still am getting over my cough, damn thing won’t leave, but yesterday I hardly coughed at all, and today is even better.

I am not making plans for the upcoming week, as there have been too many things flung in my direction lately to try to keep up.  I hope to have a post by weeks end with another finish.

Did you catch my apple crisp recipe?  If you didn’t you can click here to get it.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!



Weekend Edition Nov 2, 2019

Happy Saturday readers!  Yet another week down the tube.  I have been a busy beaver trying to play catch up from the flu, and getting in some valuable stitching time today too.

I cut some muslin 10 inch blocks, and I will be pairing it with this fabric.  I hope to do a disappearing something with it.

farmhouse fabric

Whilst cutting those pieces of muslin I was sadly disappointed in my bolt of muslin.  I purchased a 50 yard bolt.  I figure I am about 8 yards or so into it and then I see this.

bolt of muslin

Not sure if this is grease pencil or actual pencil.  And rolling the bolt out a bit further to wack this piece off, I came across this:

bolt of muslin 2

Not COOL!  When one purchases a full bolt of muslin they expect it to be one uninterupted long piece with out ink, writing or someone elses stitches!  I supposed that is what I get for going through amazon and paying less than $2 per yard.

I also cut muslin for the foundation of my dresden scrap fans.  I stitch them on and then use chenille that I purchased at the thrift store to finish the edge.

I have since sewed 4 quadrants with paper removed to make circles and those will be my next row to advance to in this scrappy quilt.  I will also chenille those edges.  I have also played with the idea of a squiggle on the next row.  This is going to be a very sampler like row quilt made from the same pattern just laid out differently.

I managed to quit a bit on the Stars on Thars quilt, I only have one more visit to the longarm and it will be done.

stars and thars 1

And I snapped a few photos of the quilt my Mom made for me.  This was a quilt kit that was made years ago.  I inheritted it from a gracious co-workers grandmother.  I passed it on to Mom, and she snatched it up.  Appliqued the pieces, and then hand quilted it.  She was very near being done, but then broke her shoulder which slowed her way down.  It is done, and it is mine and I don’t want to use it is soooooo pretty.

Because of the enormity and color, I did not want to take it outside.  It also does not fit right on the bed that is pushed to the corner.  So I snapped a quadrant or two of it.  One of these days when the weather is perfectly cooperative, I will capture it’s essence.

hand quilted 1hand quilted 2hand quilted 3hand quilted

I am also binding the kaffe periwinkle quilt.


I have decided to do that one by hand.  I have another quilt, jelly roll race, that I would like to bind sometime this week.


I have done my fabric pull for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. I will be working on starching/pressing those fabrics, getting them ready for Black Friday.  I am really liking this new tradition of mine and can’t wait for the Holidays to get underway.  They will be here before you know it!  And the stitch campaign will reign another year!

Made some apple crisp today.  Easy and delicious.  I will try to get that uploaded to my other blog thecookbookproject.wordpress.com .   No Pictures though because it was too damn good, and did not last long enough for a picture.

The dishes are caught up in the kitchen.  Tomorrow I will tackle oodles of laundry and vacuuming.  I am feeling better and that feels good!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for reading my blog!


….Ahhh CHOOO and Needle Too!

The flu.  It came for an early visit this year.  I felt a tickle in my throat for about a week.  Taking liquid vitamins kept it at bay.  Then the weekend came.  I neglected my normal vitamin ritual.  And by Saturday evening, I knew I was going to be coming down with the funk.  Saturday afternoon it was practicly non-existant.  Then BAM Sunday morning, full blown.

My week in review has not committed to hardly any sewing.  Got a few blocks done Saturday and will show those this weekend.

Saturday I got a call from Dad asking if I could come down and help Mom.  The tone of his voice was one for worry, so I asked what he needed.  He needed my help in removing a machine needle from Mom’s finger.  YIKES!  I knew this day would come but I seriously thought I would be the one to zig instead of zag.

It was all the way through sticking equally from the top of her fingernail, as well as equal in length protruding from the bottom of her index finger pad.  I was shocked that the needle did not break.  I am sooooo glad it did not.  Those of you that use the titanium needles, those will flex like the dickens, and will really eat up your fingers.  I am thankful mom was just using a plain ordinary sewing machine needle.

Setting in the plan of action.  Dad was in no condition to remove it.  He was rather nervous and worried.  So I asked if he had a pair of dikes.  We finally found a pair that was not beveled.  Then he found a large pair of pliers.  All in the junk drawer in the kitchen, all awaiting their next job.

I asked if there was peroxide.  No, none.  My parents offered up beta dine, which will work, but really wanted the peroxide for after the fact.  I sent Dad to the store to get some.  He had just openned the back door to depart, I looked at Mom’s finger.  The natural way to take out the needle is the same way it went in.  Never try to remove the needle from the eye/scarf end.  This end is smaller, tapered, and the right end to come out.  Doused moms finger with idodine.  So I grabbed her hand, steadily cut the eye/scarf off not exactly flush with the finger pad with a pair of dikes, and then took the larger end that usually screws into the machine, and pulled with the pliers.  There is far more meat on this end to grab.

Imagine stitching cloth with a needle and thread.  When the needle travels through the fabric there is friction you can feel, pushing or pulling you know the feel.  Pulling a needle out of meaty, human tissue/skin, there is more resistance, but it is smooth as there are no fibers.

The needle was so sharp that very little damage was left in it’s wake.  After I Pulled out the needle, I also had to pull out the thread as it did not break either.  All the while I had left the children to fend for themselves outside as I was unsure how they would respond to this “gory” situation.

I later showed my oldest daughter, because it was a photo and not real, I think she was more accepting of it.  Not sure how this would have been handled in real time.  Children are sensitive sometimes and you just never know.  Shoot, some adults are pretty skweemish at the thought let alone the sight!

The children and I came back home, and I sent my eldest back down with our peroxide, but Mom turned it down.  Dad had not yet made it back from the store.  But there was some coming on it’s way.

The things we do for a loved ones.  Ten years ago, I could have never handled a situation like this.  I have matured, I did not get upset, the adrenaline did not run.  I do not think it even ran for Mom, as she was also calm, cool, and collected.  I don’t think I can say the same for Dad or maybe it was something else with Dad.  I could not figure this out.  He used to be a paramedic, but certainly never worked on loved ones.

Ladies, for those of you who use an embroidery machine, if the fabric is not perfect, wrinkled, curled, or whatever……PLEASE pause the machine.  It is for your own safety.  Not only can you damange the best set of tools you own (your hands), but you can also damage your expensive machine.

So the needle surgery happened.  And so did the flu.  I am on the down hill slide.  My coughing is still rather violent at times, but I am better.  But the round will continue as all of the family is coming down with it.  I will have my hands full as things were neglected while I was sick, and now that everyone else is getting sick, I will certainly be multi tasking with chores and their wellness.

No sewing to show off that I accomplished on this post, but stay tuned for the weekend edition LOL.  But, I did read today the Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt Colors were announced.  Pleased as punch and this year it is called FROLIC.  I have to buy very little fabric, hooray!

Neutrals this time are going in this direction:


Dark blue has turned into this:


Light blues are just that!


Rasberry is going lighter and more pastel-ish and I have since pulled more pink:


Green is going this route:


Sky blue is going turquoise:


And my swatches:

paint chips

And now to share, something my Mom made for me, and I must say, I LOVE IT!  Perfectly Logo”ed.  Outstanding embroidery work, but she put her own spin on it and came up with this.  If I am not mistaken, this is an “In the hoop design” that she added to.  A zippered pouch!  And it is already put to use!!!  And it has left me speechless!  Thanks MOM!


Simple, elegant, and says the right thing for me to cherrish and use for years.  I must say I may have a commisioned one made with my machine name as well as the serial number.  🙂

The weekend is almost here, and while I recooperate fully, I intend to enjoy what life gives me, or throws at me.  You never know when your skills will be needed for something unconventional.

Stay tunned for the weekend edition and thanks for reading my blog!

Life’s Little LumberJacks

A LumberJack is a person who cuts down trees for a living, and takes them to the sawmill or lumber mill.  Trees are the lungs for the greater good of mother nature, cleansing the air, so then we can breathe.  A wonderful part of the ecology of the world, and quite frankly taken for granted.

Every time I watch a television show that remodels houses, I see perfectly good lumber going to the dump.  I hate it, such a waste.  I suppose it creates jobs for all those lumberjacks and it also creates money in the economy for the store that sells it, and again for the economy where the builder sells the final product.  Paying for lumber three times is why it is so high.

I urge those of you to think about that the next time you touch a piece of wood, no matter how small or insignifigant, that small piece no longer creates the oxygen we breathe, and is no longer in the “economy”, but at the same time can help preserve the forests and their ecology.

Last year in my work commute, I kept seeing these small branches about 10 inches in length with leaves still on them all laying about underneath trees that stretch a good 7 miles.  And in that post, I told you about the twig girdler.  This bug is like a little lumberjack slowly using it jaws to saw all the way around a branch causing it to fall.  The life cycle of this, the eggs are laid on the branch that falls below.  And if you fail to pick up the branches for next year, those eggs will become adults, making their lumberjack way in thining out your branches.  I noticed they are back, but even worse this year.  A harmless looking bug that makes a change in the forest taking away from the oxygen we breath, and the economy times three for the lumber industry.


Nature certainly is a neat thing.  I see this bug and think of the cottonwood beetle that also eats wood which I have seen many time around my home in the 25 years I have resided here with them.


I could go on and on about natures most interesting, mysterious things.  I really don’t want to Bug you with this, but thought it was Punny, LOL.  Not quilt related but certainly educational.  I suppose I should move onto more quilty stuff.

I am still quilting away with the Stars Upon Thars quilt.  I have purchased a longer ruler.  The row that once took me 3 hours now only takes me about 1 1/2 hours.  Time is precious and the $30 I paid for the ruler was well worth it.

stars and thars 1

I have three rows to quilt, and perhaps will get to work on it Saturday morning.  But will probably not finish this until the following weekend.  Too much going on.

I have managed to do oodles of these and have a count now of 43.  May start tearing off the back paper and placing them on some muslin to start my rows.

And Another score at the thrift store.  I found some aluminized quilted cotton fabric, just in time to recover my ironing board.  I have a piece that is not large enough but probably twice as wide, so I can seam it, and hopefully this cover will last longer than the last one.

The thrift store also had with-the-grain rolls of strips.  These used to be popular for crocheting rugs and making crochet baskets.  Not sure if I will rug this, or if it will become a quilt.  It is the right color for a little boy.  I know no one who is expecting so it will store nicely in the stash until the times arrives.


I am working as hard as I can to get something new going on the blog, but I sure like to finish what I start.  Perhaps there will be some binding action happen this upcoming week.

I look forward to the details to get released for the Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt.  My fabrics have really dwindled in the making of so many large quilts this past year, so if I do decide to do this quilt, I will probably have to go fabric collecting again.  I look forward to the shopping aspect of it this year as it will ad freshness to my old stash.  Lots of my fabrics were given to me and pieces are 30 years old,, and dated.  I am doing my best to use those up.

My mom has the quilt she is making for me almost completed!  She will be finish the binding this week.  I look forward to showing you her hand quilting on this beauty (a king size extra long quilt to tuck under the pillows on the bed).  Be looking for that post soon.  And thank you for reading my blog!


Cognac and Chicken Wire

A few weeks back, using graph paper I drew out a panto graph for the quilting machine to be used at a later time when the right thing came along, chicken wire.

chicken wire pantograph

So it stored safely waiting…..

And in my pursuit of happiness to the pocketbook, while at the thrift store, I found this for a buck.  A tea towel, with interesting color, perfect for the kitchen, but also perfectly priced for $1 (brand new never used).


chicken wire

So I married the chicken wire idea to the cognac sophistication LOL.  I countryfied it!  The chicken wire was tricky to figure out, but this was the perfect thing for a test run.  Making squiggles on the perpendicular spots allowed me to travel up then down on that leg of the chicken wire.  This worked well and will be ideal for any jelly roll race quilts I gift away.  Quick too!  Not sure how I will finish the edge to this.  And yes, I will probably hang it up and use it as a towel LOL.

My urge to sew and quilt was high this week.  Although at a rough start, alergies kicking my but making me feel like I needed to puke.  That passed, and the need to stitch hit.

Should I get out an UFO and work it?  Nope.  In my brainstorming session, my scrap bin keeps getting fuller and fuller.  So my thoughts were to start a new string quilt project.  Most string quilts all look the same.  I have already done one of those.  I wanted to do something different.

My first idea was to sew my strings together and then subcut them into hexagons.  This still may happen in my future, but not just yet.  I came across a McCall’s video using foundation paper piecing.  I could do this, but refuse to buy the pattern.

So I got out my safety compass and drew some arches and some lines.  Easy!

safety compass work

And then using this, sewed some random strings onto it.


I have quite a few already stitched.  We will see how many I can consume for this new quilt idea.  I figure I will have strings left unsewn.  For now this makes me very happy, a memory with every piece.  Some are from the first quilts I made.  The green in the center was made into a memory quilt from my grandpa’s shirts.  I made his shirts into Jars to “Preserve” them.  I have just a tad bit of this scrap of green left.  The largest piece on the left was just a scrap that was given away at the Sulphur Springs Quilt Show 2019.

My orginal idea was to make these into circle blooms for a flower and then chennile the raw edges.  But I have played with the layout options.  Perhaps I will end up doing all of this layout and do a row string quilt.

And then I really REALLY had the urge to quilt, so for two solid evenings this week, I have worked on the Stars Upon Thars quilt.

stars and thars 1

Been brainstorming on this for quilting ideas since it became a top.  Grid filler, grid on point over the 81 patches.  Feathers for the stars.  I am liking the look.  Fancy and utilitarian, old fashioned looking.

stars and thars 2

Running ruler work when your ruler is about 5 inches long, makes for the grid taking a long time..  I need to get a bigger ruler.  Not sure what size, but more than what I have.  And less than 13 inches which is too big.  Perhaps a 10 incher is in my future.

I was able to get one row complete and made all the feathers on the next row.  Will need to grid next.  I purchased a full bolt of muslin just for this.  Just a plain ole muslin backing.  And I will probably proceed to make this color backing for several quilts as it is nice a neutral.

You see where my stitchy future is taking me…..where is it taking you?  May life keep you in stitches (the laughy kind).  And thanks for reading my blog!



wedding ring topwedding ring top1

I still lack two rows of sewing which I finished at 11 PM.  So it is technically done, but knew darkness would prevent me from taking a picture so I snapped pics when the sun was low.

And boy howdy, I freed up some time today to get this little puppy quilted all the way!  I started out doodling, and my doodling progressed into uniformity with a pattern.  I was so pleased with what I came up with I did the remainder of the center grid in that pattern.  I love my little 4-in-1 ruler.  It is magic!


The back of the quilt is a marriage of lilac (a corner of it peeking through the photo below) and this fuscia!  Whoa, I love how the lilac thread pops, electrifying the back too.  Very pleased with my playtime.  The more I practice with rulers, the more I like the results.quiltedback

I did half of this quilt today, most of it not starting and stopping as I learned how to travel with this pattern, which sped things up considerable.  Ruler work is slow.  For those of you who are longarmers, do you leave your needle up or needle down to use your rulers.  I am finding that needle down is slowing me down.  No one has ever said if they do needle up or needle down.  I guess it is preference anyway.

Two done’s, TA-Dun’s!!!  I am tickled pink, and ready for my next quilting adventure.  Since the Quiltville Mystery will be starting in a month and a half, I may just work on quilting, or just on UFOs.  I will figure this out and get back to ya.  Thanks for stopping in and readig my blog!


And on the clothes line…..

Well, we went from running the ac full blast to turning on the heater in just a day!  In Texas we have Summmmmmmer, and HOTum, then a very brief winter, followed by a even briefer spring.  HOTum lasted a good while and will probably be back before October is over.

And my dryer went out again!  My dryer is now two years old, and both times the same part has decided to burn through like a fuse.  The heating element.  First time we had the warranty guy come fix it, no charge, this time instead of waiting for more than a week, we just ordered the part and will install it ourselves.  And yes it is still under warranty.  After looking how the element is made, the reason it has broken in the same spot twice, it was poorly engineered.  And yes, I know how to debunk poor engineering, as this is what I do for a living.  You see, the element consists of coils that run in parallel with one another.  Because the engineer decided on a horizontal mount, that last two coils get all the heat from the bottom coils.  And then it finally bursts the coil.  It is called coefficient thermal expansion.  The part does not cost alot.  And it looks like this:

71GtByxQJ3L._SL1500_ (1)

When you feel the coils located at the bottom of the circuit, they are smooth, and then as your eyes travel to the top of the element, you can tell the sheet metal got hot as there is heat discoloration and the coils themselves feel grimey on the surface.  Too much heat.  Damned engineers.  So when this devices gets to hot it burns through like a light bulb element.  Same concept, as the metal degrades, it burns up.

So, laundry has been hanging on the line.  I marvel at how quickly a load can dry.  Within a matter of three loads of washing, I am taking towels back inside.  Mother natures dryer is great, unless it rains!

So this morning a photo op happened at the clothes line.  I pinned up my rows of wedding rings.  It looks like this will be a quilt top before the end of the day.  A speckling of turquoise, pink, brown, green, and purple blocks placed randomly, this is where I over think the layout of things.  Takes me a while as this is the true commitment of quilt.  The marriage of color in just he right spots.

Good thing I was to this point in the making, as my wooden clothes dryer which is used much for quilting projects that are starched and cut strips, had to get used for drying clothes the day it did rain.

Earlier this week, I made Poor Man’s Stew, and a reinvented version of cornbread.


Yes this is actually cornbread!  Looks like a waffle, tastes like cornbread.  Please visit my other blog, the cookbookproject.wordpress.com for those recipes.

My goals for last week, NOT MET.  I tried I really did.  Took two videos by myself, one of which I used a ribbon as a lanyard with the camera around my neck.  Because of boobage/the ole mamories, the footage taken was of the ceiling and you could see strands of my hair in fly away mode.  So I then tried just placing on the belly bar.  But this was not ariel enough, so you got to hear it and see movement, but nothing really educational about quilting.  And I worked a couple of evening of atleast 2 hours each, and am still not done with that!  Ruler work is slow, but the good news is, I am getting faster with the motion of it.  Practice will get me more fluid in my movements and help me speed it along.  Gosh I hope to be done with that quilt.  It has been 5 weeks on the longarm.  Before it was too hot, and now it has cooled off so much that it might be right on the cusp of being too cold.  Fair weather days will need to be utilized for quilting as I have so many tops and one more almost complete.feedsacks

This week I stopped into the thrift store.  And it was a big score!  I got these authentic vintage feed sacks!!!! And was only charged 75 cents!  Slowly I am coming across this fabric and have a few pieces that will one day be a quilt.  I have eiffel towers, and pink background with large blue flowers (this was my Grandma’s).  I also have large dk blue flowers on white with green leaves.  That print is not very attractive and is common while shopping at quilty vendors at shows.  But these two pieces are gorgeous!  And if you do a tad of math are probably about 75 years old!  It cost me a penny a year for the price of two LOL!

In the past week, with the changes in the local Treadle On Gathering Academy moving to Texarkana, I have decided to donate my TOGA quilt made from the blocks swapped in 2018.  It will be placed on the table for the silent auction to raise funds for the new venue to secure the monies needed to keep this going.  I have so many quilts, and I may just have to buy it back and keep it, but have offered this up.  So you TOGA members, bring your money, I have a dollar figure in mind and am hoping to bring this back home with me.  I challenge you to out bid me.  🙂


Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Finish quilting the Kaffe Fasset Quilt
  • periwinkles 2
  • Finish the wedding ring block assembly
  • on the clothes line
  • Fix the dryer
  • Dry clothes on the clothes line too!

That first goal is the make it or break it.  I hope to be done with that one this week!

Well, that is a wrap!  Thanks for reading my blog!


Rings and Worms

10 pink wedding ring blocks


10 green wedding ring blocks


7 brown wedding ring blocks

10 turquoise wedding ring blocks

blue wedding ring

and…….the new color is (drum roll please), PURPLE.


Purple, when I was young, was my favorite color.  Now that I am grown up, purple is not my thing!  I assume since I was a naieve girl this was some sort of brainwashing as very little in my accumulations through the years involves the color purple.  I did make a mystery quilt which had purple, I purchased very little and had very little left over.  It is not a color I gravitate too.  So I ended up going to the quilt shop and purchasing some neutrals and some purples.  I also raided my Mom’s stash.  Thanks for the Batiks Mom!

I have broken into charm packs big time in the making of this quilt.  I have stolen several pieces from several different packs.  For those of you holding onto those with intent of sewing and never sewing anything out of them, I hear ya.  I used to be like that.  There are a few packs I refuse to do this too.  But, I have learned that scrappyness has a price LOL.  My sale priced charm packs of yesteryear were only a few dollars, but the scrappy quilt effect is priceless.  So my 5 inch square stash suffers a bit.

I am not certain how many purple blocks I will make.  I have pressed and cut all my fabrics and they are finally back in their proper storage.  I can take down the clothes drying rack that I use to starch, iron, and store for cutting my quilts in process.

So imagine these blocks as a quilt.

This project has went rather smoothly and quickly.  I am using what I have learned with following Bonnie Hunter.  Yesterday at the begining of the day I only had three turquoise blocks.  Today I have 10.  Seven blocks happened in 24 hours.  Forty one pieces in each block.  What I love about this scrappy methodology, you can add new fabric at anytime during the making.  A new neutral, no problem, a new color pink, not a problem.

For me scrappy takes the mundane out of piecing as well.  Two color quilts are gorgeous, but I would find that extremely boring to sew.  I will probably never go down that road.  Never is a long time so we shall see.

Onto the worm part of my post.  I have cats, they are for the most part outdoors.  There are two cats that are allowed in when they have babies.  Those cats are very well tempured cats.

Currently no cats are allowed inside.  They have Ringworm.  Ringworm is not really a worm.  It is bacteria/fungus that grows on the hair shaft, growing and causing inflamation on the skin.  Inflamation causes itch, itch causes hair loss.  So I have a pretty big problem.  In time, it will present itself what I should do, to help the cats overcome this.  Summer is almost over, but it was back in the mid 90s this weekend, so I am hopeful once it cools off, that their problem may improve.

If it were up to me, all but two would go to the pound.  But the childrens hearts are fully vested in those critters, and tears flow if the thought of them not being around anymore.  The old rock and hard place scenario.  For their safety, it may be the pound.  Time will tell me what I need to do, it whispers.  Sometimes I listen, and sometimes I choose not to listen.

This weekend is almost over, another blur of two days.  Laundry is almost caught up.  Supper is cooked and in the bellies, a couple of baths tonight, and then ahhhhhhhh.  Feet up and perahps a bit of TV, TV has become a bit of luxury.  There is really nothing on anymore, but when you find something to watch, it is a true treasure.  Enjoy your time, it spends quick!  And thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


7 Down


Goals from the previous week:

  • Sew 10 or more blue blocks,  7 done a few more to go

blue wedding ring

  • Video quilting of the periwinkles, did not happen.  Camera lanyard has been jerry-rigged!


Progress this week, with a family member deciding to run fever in the evenings when I am home after work, made my productivity stink!  But it was worth the hugs and kisses with lap time to boot.  Teething at her age should not bother her so, but it does.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Finish turquoise blocks
  • Advance to the next color block.  I have chosen purple/lavender hues.  Just a sprinkling.
  • Finish quilting the periwinkles.  This has been loaded on the longarm for a month now.  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk,
  • Start quilting Stars and Thars

on my couch

A matter of factly, no fluff post.  Sorry for this technical difficulty, words just don’t want to happen right now.  A speechless blog post, food for thought.  Thanks for stopping by!