Scrap happy June 2022

Bushels of scraps? Plant those scrappy seeds and make a quilt! I have been sewing from the stash and am happy to report, many scraps have been removed from the pile, yet the pile is still just as big as before. It is scrap happy time again where all of us link one another so we can share all the scrappy love going on. Please visit the links below and delve into their scrap happy!

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In the past month, I have completed a scrappy quilt top.

I have started a new baby quilt called milk cows and milk jugs (this makes me giggle). And a tractor and trailer are planned to make very soon to add to this as well as some crop blocks. Just look how high the alphabet got!

And finally, the biggest scrap buster, the embroidery flower quilt which is a free pattern here.

Weeks ago I cut all these squares. And waited for the bolt of grid interfacing arrive. Unfortunately, they sent the grid on point, not what I ordered which was the normal grid. We reordered the exact same thing. I said it would ship by the 14 of May. The 20th of May came and we decided to cancel that order because we placed it on the 3rd and it had not yet shipped. So we reordered, this time from Walmart, and it finally arrived. Seems like lately customer service is dead, and the minions doing the work have become increasingly lazy. Have any of you noticed this?

So while cutting these squares, I consider cutting and starching the biggest part of the job. Although it is not all behind me. The pattern called for over 3000 background squares. I refused to cut that many. I did cut a baggie full. The rest of the back ground will utilize larger strips. This will not save me any fabric, just time.

Opting for larger pieces does not change the form fit or function of using this interfacing grid. Ladies and gents, do you have a favorite cross stitch pattern? You can easily turn it into a quilt pattern with squares.

And I am certain you would like to see some panels that are done for this embroidery flower quilt.

These panels come together in the form of a oblong 9 patch. There are 9 panels to iron and stitch. I have 4 panels ironed, and 2 completely stitched. I am doing these in random order so, their picture as a whole will not come together until I have the ones out of sync done.

If you are curious about this process I have uploaded a video on youtube.

As you can see above, the background really makes a big difference in how this is going to turn out. Wish me luck! I hope my fabric picker is not broken!

I am participating in the #Scrapathon2023. It is a self paced sew of your scraps. I wonder how many I will complete? I think I am off to a good start!

And a couple of other videos happened. I needed to clean my iron and I always hear people asking how to clean your iron. So I made a video. I hope this helps all of you at some point. Keep in mind this is for base plates that can be cleaned. Do not use this routine on Teflon coated irons.

And some body in the house spilled something (I think it was Ramen soup) on my pressing mat. My mat is an early mat, so it is made very well. (I purchased a new one in case cleaning my mat was unsuccessful and that new mat feels cheap and is not as thick). I had also been starching using the mat. I will refrain from doing that because it builds up on the mat and then over time it caramelizes your wool mat. I wish I had taken a before an after photo, but the brown build up vanished.

The mat took several days to dry. 75% dry from hanging on the line. I had to bring it in because rain was forecasted. The remainder took a couple more days on the drying rack.

And while I daydream about quilting things (usually when I am at work), my mind is made up to make a jacket. I watch Mom and Pop Quilt Shop on youtube and Laura Lynn made a lovely bag all out of various sized HSTs. While I was digging in the stash for a backing, I came across several instances where I had saved HSTs. I went ahead and put them all in one spot and will continue saving until I have more than enough for a jacket.

I have been selected this year for our annual quilt hop in town to do a demonstration. I am excited about that, but it is not until late July.

Summer arrived yesterday and we almost hit 100 degrees. It has been very pleasant so far this year. I hope the heat leaves the area. This may be a long, hot, summer.

My sewing anxiously awaits me…..thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

6 thoughts on “Scrap happy June 2022

  1. Goodness, you have been busy! I’m afraid I refuse to buy pre-printed grid, I mark up my own with lightweight interfacing and a pencil and ruler. It’s laborious but still quicker than waiting for delivery and it costs a fraction of the price.

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  2. I have done fabric ‘sizing’ home made. Not sure about the starching. I need to set up some guidelines to keep our brand new pressing station clean and useable. 🙂 Do you lay down something to protect the pressing surface? Any info would be helpful, as I’ve never really been a starcher. 😀 Thanks!

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    1. Karen, the answer to your question is no, I do not lay anything down to protect the pressing surface. My muslin cover on my ironing board gets so crispy from starching and a hot iron, the muslin crumbles like paper and fractures very easily at that point. I will continue my pre starching of fabric, but will totally move that operation to the ironing board. Muslin is a gob cheaper to replace than a nice wool mat.

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      1. Thanks for the info. I invested in a reflective ironing board fabric, backed and bound it to protect the plastic table top beneath. Wipeable, moveable… just trying to figure out WHERE to do the starch… LOL May need a separate board for those wanting to use spray starch. 😀

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