Scrap Happy Feb 2023 Linky Edition

Welcome to ScrapHappy were bloggers come together and share their scrappy projects. Interested in what everyone is working on, click on the links below. Thank you Kate and Gun for hosting this each month! Warning, this blog post is full of links!

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So what have my scraps been up to in the last month?

I have been utilizing my scraps for the Sewcialites2 sew along. So far I have plenty of scraps. And in this past month I have played with the setting triangles. Each week a new free block drops at So far I am enjoying the scrap usage.

And if you tuned in last month, you saw I was prepping and getting ready for a sew along with Coriander Quilts and the Triple Irish Chain. This is a free pattern. And boy does it gobble up the scraps. Here is the link to the free pattern.

I am pleased to announce all thirteen 81 patches are completed! I am also very pleased to announce that the 12 alternating blocks are sewn. But best of all, this 90 by 90 pattern is now a top!!!!

I used turquoise, pinks, whites, stripes, chevrons, a touch of red and lavender! Ye-haw!!!! I love how it turned out.

During the making of this top, I was invited by Melissa of Practically Creative on youtube to join the Feb sewing bee. Melissa is in my top 10 of youtubers for quilting. She is so knowledgeable! I highly recommend checking out her channel.

I was in great company with several other youtubers, one of which, is Coleen who is a hoot and a great person to cheerlead you on with a smile! I adore her and here is the link to Coleen’s channel named Create Sew Share. She is great with Tech and likes the Kansas City Chiefs!

Sylvia, who is over in the UK, joined the zoom meeting/sewing bee being broadcast live and she also has a youtube channel. If you are into foundation paper piecing, she makes amazing patterns! Make sure to check her out!

And Stephanie Stitches also was zooming with us. I have watched Stephanie for years and she puts out great channel content. Don’t forget to hop on over to her channel to see what she has been up to.

And don’t forget to visit my channel too, click here for My Quilt Projects content.

And below you can watch us all laugh and giggle and see the projects in the works!

Lately, I have been reminiscing about all the scrappy quilts I have made. I don’t think I ever posted about this, but did you know I gave away all my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts? All that work and I gave them away. I kind of swore them off forever so to speak. The mystery Frolic did me in. Yeah, it made me very mad at the time. I have gotten over the madness, but I will never forget all that precious fabric now laying as pieces in my scrap bins, still unsewn and that was all the way back in 2020.

You know as I age, the blog has become somewhat of a Journal for me. I no longer have to remember a date, I have all the details posted through the years here. All the pictures available at anytime. And this will still all be here long after I am gone. The children will be able to see their momma on youtube. Or they can look at my quilts, and read about the goings-on at the time as everything is documented. Who needs a quilt label eh? LOL

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone around the world!

Photo by Emily Ranquist on

This wraps up ScrapHappy post for Feb 2023, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!


18 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Feb 2023 Linky Edition

  1. Two beautiful scrap user quilts. I like the way your setting blocks unite what you are doing with Socialities, and the Irish Chain is gorgeous with that blue crossing back and forth.

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  2. I have made a couple of Bonnie Hunter quilts and given them away. Even though they are a lot of piecing, I have no regrets. They are being loved and used and that makes me feel good! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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