360 degrees 365 scraphappy

For those of you who do not know, the amount of degrees in a full circle is 360 degrees. A full circle my 365 quilt block challenge quilt has come.

I entered it in a show for all to see and appreciate. That was all I entered it for. I knew my fellow quilters would see the hard work and scratch their heads how I persisted. There was hard times and easy times, whether it was building a block that took 7 hours, or a life event that made going on difficult. I persisted. And I won. I won the battle of procrastination. In the quilt journey, the destination was always a finish. The finish was the win.

I am happy to report, that not only have I won bragging rights to finish this behemoth red monster, but I have also got a ribbon to show for it. Yes, that is right. I got a ribbon! The quilt journey has come full circle. What a journey, worth the prize at the end. But here is the thing, the 365 quilt will continue to have more 365 days ahead, probably years. And so it will come full circle, every time it wraps me in warmth, for every time it nurtures me in sickness, for every time it hugs me at bedtime. Let it be known that through all 34 yards of fabric, it was worth it! 14 -19 yds in the piecing, and 15 in the backing and binding. I have a bit of backing left over and every time I use up this scrap in another quilt, the 365 will put a smile on my face again, because the fabric I spent, and the time I spent created a marvelous memory. It will also weave in time to create a marvelous story, long after I am gone. The biggest scrap quilt of my life is completed but it goes on. For now it will be stored (I am afraid to get it dirty now in the summer months of the high Texas heat. Ground temperature water is running at about 84 degrees or higher. The water would certainly make the red fabrics bleed).

I had anticipated to have a completely different post, but I was so moved by this journey, the words easily found their way out of my brain, into my fingertips and onto the screen.

Never underestimate yourself as a quilter. Regardless of your success or failures, you are making a story that will last. The story becomes a legacy. And someone else will treasure that legacy even more. Never underestimate the power of a quilt. It sure can be mighty, and it sure can be good.

Now onto more scrap happy events/news. Today I will join Gun and Kate to spread scrap happiness! Please make sure to visit all the links below to see all the scrap goodness, and how the gang is all making out with their scraps. (I feel like I am losing the scrap battle, because the more I make, the larger my scrap bag gets)

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This has been a very good week. I managed to get a couple fat quarters sewn into a caddy for my sewing desk. Sorry did not snap a photo. I did start quilting on the farm girl vintage baby quilt.

And below are progression videos on a churn dash pattern/kit I got in one of my open gate quilts subscription box. I put this together in an afternoon.

I think I have finished my pillowcase lace. I will now have to make the pillowcase to see if it measures up. I laid this out on a pillowcase I am using and it looks to be just about the right length. I enjoyed tatting again. I need to get my shuttles out more often.

Probably a good thing I have finished this when I did. When I started this lace, I had a whole bolt of fabric. I have made many quilts and backings with that bolt. I know I have enough for a pillowcase, but it went fast. And time is flying by!

I am sharing a video of behind the scenes of picking up my quilt from the quilt show. It is very orchestrated, but had some kind of flaw where 35 quilts were unaccounted for. This delayed the pick up lines by an hour. I think everyone left happy. I know I did.

I kind of chuckled because as I was waiting in the hallway, the quilts were being carted into the big room for their departure/pick up. Because most people used white pillowcases, it looked kind of like the quilts had done their job and pooped out in layers on the carts. You will see a bit of this pandemonium in the video. I completely had to remove the sound because there were hundreds of happy/chatty quilters talking in the room. It was a roar of sound, and all was good.

And lastly, don’t forget I am having a quilt along that starts at the end of September. All you need to do is read and follow this blog, my youtube channel, or follow me on instagram or read my posts in the QuiltSpace app. This is a scrappy quilt along and all of you are welcome. I will be posting fabric requirements mid sept. The quilt will measure around 50 by 50. The picture below was designed in EQ8. In summary, it is free and my gift to you for believing in me and following me. Thank you!

Well, I need to get going on chores and tidy up a bit to prepare for my quilting adventures in the coming week. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog!

The not much post

Readers, my goal is to bring content. In the past several weeks, all I have accomplished is quilt show prep. Sleeves sewn. Quilt labels on. And surviving the heat wave of this summer. That heat wave makes one want to move as little as possible to survive and stay non-sweaty so to speak.

And then there was the quilt hop which I dedicated two whole days too, so not much sewing has occurred.

I did sew a tid-bit on the Farm Girl Vintage baby quilt. After staring at it for weeks on the design wall, I opted to remove the tractor and trailer. It messed with the Feng-Shui of the quilt. I am sick that I spent all that effort and am not going to use it. Without all the “rust” from the tractor, this looks a little more baby friendly. Because it was so large it drastically affected the layout. Before and After photos.

It needed the sparkle of color!

After looking at this a bit more I have also decided to add chenille for the tail, nostrils, and eyes. I want to sew buttons for the eyes, but am more worried about baby safety, so I will just make some eyes with bias.

I will be piecing this and aim to get this done with a nice girly border and hopefully start quilting it next weekend. But gosh, did I tell ya how hot it is here? It is supposed to cool off and not reach a 100 for a few days this week, so maybe that will add energy to my caboose!

I swung by the antique store today on my way home from work. The last time I was in there they had old copies of the workbasket, and because I did not have my glasses with me, I was not able to really see any of the fine print and patterns in the books. So today, glasses on, I enjoyed looking through them specifically for tatting patterns. And I found one that I will eventually make! Along with that I have been collecting old feedsack fabric and found a few of those bargained priced.

And amazingly I found a Jenny Beyer quilt kit (I KNOW RIGHT, at the antique store of all places). The pattern is called tessellating cats and it is no longer offered, but this kit back in 2001 originally sold for $140. I purchased it for 10. It looks like they cut out all the pieces in the correct shapes for foundation paper piecing, which is puzzling. I will attempt to make a go of it one day.

The kit I got seems to go to blue in one corner. The fabrics are rich and beautiful and the border print is gorgeous!

Well, like I said not much happened, perhaps in the coming weeks I will have a little more exciting posts. 🙂 And thank you for reading my blog!

The Milk Cows

Due to a longer weekend last weekend, I got a gob of stuff done. Mom’s Dresden is quilted. Turned out beautiful.

And I got this one quilted, sorry no quilted photo.

I made a chicken pincushion.

And I started piecing a new baby quilt. I had just received my copy of Farm Girl Vintage 2 and skimmed through it, and then got out the Farm Girl Vintage book to plan on making a barn quilt out of 2. I changed my mind and enjoyed piecing a cow block. And what goes with cows? Milk Cans of course. I hope the mom to be is not offended by this theme. It is cute, but you never know eh?

This picture is the bom cut out of all the pieces for the larger cow.

This block sure has a high alphabet count!

And just like that it turned into this.

And I got borders put on the blue boy quilt top. All this is, three 2 1/2 inch strips sewn and trimmed to each side. Each side had a left over 10 inch or so piece. I turned my 6.5 square on the strip set on it’s diagonal and made each corner. Looks like a fancy churn dash (which was unexpected). Love, Love, Love how this one turned out. Sometimes the fun of just winging a quilt design has a wonderful outcome. #Scrapathon2023 And who says that a quilt needs 90 degree corners. I rather like this design element.

The weather is still cooler than normal so hopefully I will get the blue quilt quilted soon. Other stuff on my to-do list, I have a couple of bindings to install, but there is no rush.

I also got this sent off to see if it will make the cut in a quilt show. I have a little more work to do on this. The binding is complete, there are quilting stitches that need ripping out. I need to install a sleeve as well as a label. I have plenty of time to do all this, but the ripping out is very time consuming.

Wish me luck! And thanks for reading my blog!

Summary of the week

Summer came and we reached highs of 97, and then just like that it was way cool for this time of the year. Usually May is a muggy month where we have a bunch of gulf stream moisture with highs between 85-92. Last weekend a cool front came and cooled us off to highs in the 60s and low 70s. It has been a quilting kind of week!

I have been working on mom’s quilt. It is 90% complete. And the weekend is long so maybe I will get that finished up and get something else on the frame.

There is mega texture in this echo quilting AND it took the fullness out of the spots that needed it.

I am down to one seam left in the scrappy buckeye beauty quilt. I will probably add borders this weekend. I did place a poll on youtube for selecting a border. At the beginning of the poll, the two fabrics were neck and neck in the percentages. Make sure to go check that out so you can vote too!

And a while back I was viewing another Nolting longarm on youtube and noticed they had a CLX like mine but their handles came further to the front of the frame. I reached out to the owner (Ann) and she let me know that those are just extension bicycle handles (only $10 dollars on Amazon). She actually added two sets to make it more ergonomic for her. I only added one because I do ruler work. This changed has taught me a few things.

So for the few years I have owned this machine, I would leave my machine with a back ache. I mean the belly bar is a fulcrum on the body and you have to bend over to reach the rear of the quilt while quilting. This helped tremendously with that! My arms are bent at 90 degrees and kept by my side which is a very natural position. I did not need any technology to make this change but a screwdriver. And because I removed the foam pads that were original to the machine, when I do ruler work and grab that right handle, it fits marvelously in my hand. Those handle cushions are too big, which is not ergonomic for these chunky dunky hands (those handle grips were made for man’s hands….hmmm not well thought out Nolting). Was I able to do more quilting for longer periods? YES! I wish I would have asked a long time ago.

I did have a tension hiccup. I got jammed and the machine went into fail safe mode. I thought I broke the machine! I oiled heavily and left it rest for 24 hours. That dislodged a large piece of lint put off by the green thread I am using on the backing. My eyes don’t see green very well any more. I cannot see the lint below in the machine. My machine is still not just right. I presume there is another hairball this cat needs to hack up.

May is almost over, what does June hold quilt wise? Well, I am still waiting on grid interfacing! Yeah, after the wrong stuff was shipped, I ordered AGAIN and because I am relying on a drop ship, it has taken all month. I had hoped I could start on this.

I have decided to enter this 365 quilt block challenge in a quilt show. It has been on my table needing the binding added now for months. I did work on that a bit this week. As I see it all rumpled up on my table, I see how accurate my points and nested seams are. This quilt deserved to be seen! I will be making arrangements for a label as well as a hanging sleeve. I know when other quilters see it, they will be inspired and they will know how much work went into this. And I finally measured the quilt. It turned out to be 90 X 90. I was shocked by the measurement haha, it is spot on. In the description box to tell a bit about the quilt, I am listing I now hate red hahhahaha. Other quilters are going to relate to this.

Have a wonderful weekend! Be safe! Summer is officially here! Thanks for reading my blog!

The links for the video

Here is the link for the free basket block pattern.

Here is the link for the free charming hearts pattern.

Here is the free key fob pattern. This pattern was originally in the open gates quilt box in march. I found the pattern free on the sallie tomato site.

Here is the memory quilt I am working on.

Here is the Rob Appel Video where I got the inspiration.
Here is the link to the free pattern by Kathryn Kerr for the 365 quilt block challenge.

And here is the tatting pillow case lace I am working.

There is a freebie with this also. Joelle gives this on her youtube channel. So if you know how to tat, her channel is supreme! She also has a blog

I hope this blog give you inspiration and the video helps assist with that as well.

Thanks for reading my blog.


Followers, readers, and passersby, what kind of content would you like to see this blog give? Is my content satisfactory? Is there anything I can improve? I think I need to be graded. My email followers have all dropped off. I am having meager views. I am really hoping you can help me out. If you like what you see and read, please click the like star button. Better yet, share it on pinterest, or facebook and instagram. Those shares would be magnificent traffic. Since pandemic restrictions have eased, so have my readers. I completely understand. I mean, run like you are a hamster let out of your cage!!!

I had a major squirrel this week. My sewing tables are a little too full, it is it some what paralyzing. If I tackle one job, it means, disruption of two other projects, one of which has a deadline. My hobby almost feels like a JOB. When it starts feeling like that for me, I welcome change to set things straight. So this week, I steered off course a bit.

I went to my pinterest account and decided to print off all my free tatting books out in the world wide web. Over Christmas, I got a binding machine that installs the coils too, so I used up a ream of paper and put it all to good use. I will have these patterns to fall back on. And when I tat, it is very difficult for me to follow along on a pattern when the device goes to sleep, and then I lose my place and count. These booklets will allow me to also take notes and highlight.

And then Frivole, posted a wonderful video on the making of a collar which was a freebie. If you are interested in reading about her tatting adventures, be sure to check her out. She is AMAZING! I have learned a thing or to from her!

So with this video, I made this!

This green lace trim will adorn the edge of a pillowcase nicely. I have a perfect matched green solid and cannot wait to get at it. I find I can do one motif a night. And I probably need to tat during the week and leave my quilting for the weekends when my freedom and energy is greater than during the week. This pattern is EASY because Frivole showed the short cuts (which I did not know existed).

And I managed to finish quilting on the 365 quilt. I still have some stitches to rip out. Here is a picture of the last row to quilt.

Be looking for a video of me applying binding at the longarm. I have failed to edit the video in time for this post. But within about 20 minutes the binding was sewn on by the longarm. Those of you who offer longarm services, this is the easy (good money) part of the job. This is the prefered method for me on large quilts. The 365 quilt is HEAVY. I weighed it. It weights 10 lbs. It is quite a work out to lug this around for photos and to fold it up for a carry. The reason I do not like stitching heavy/large quilts on my featherweight for the binding process? I fear the quilt will accidentally pull the sewing machine off the counter. Yeah, not sure how much the featherweight weighs, but it will probably be close to what this weighs. I do not want to take that chance.
Here she is in all her glory. When I went to snap the photo, I was amazed at how tan she looked in the sun LOL. Each time I look at this quilt, I see it a bit differently than the last time.
I had to make sure when I put this down on the lawn I was not putting it in a fire ant pile. Those buggers I am allergic too, and definitely do not want them soiling my hard work.

I have loaded the mystery quilt and am just meandering a dog bone pattern on it. I also have a video of that and will get that edited and uploaded to youtube in the coming week. I really want to go live on the channel, but am so scared to do it. If I do it, it will probably be very early on a sat or sun morning when the rest of the house is sleeping. I would appreciate all to come to my channel and chat with me while I am live. Stranger things have happened.

In the coming week, I aim to hand sew the binding to the 365 as well as rip out any stitches that don’t belong. I also need to work on the memory quilt. The shirt to add, I am not looking forward to. But at least it is cotton/flannel. And I was passed a piece of 100% polyester plaid for the backing. I informed the dad to be, that he needs to realize, with 90% of this quilt being polyester, it is advised NOT to use it when baby sleeps. Probably best used for tummy time. Do any of my readers know why? If a fire were to break out, the polyester melting point is less than 300 degrees. (It says the exact degrees on my iron). But if there were a fire, the polyester would melt to the babies skin, compounding a burn without coming in contact with fire. And because it is polyester, it would be a chemical burn as well. As soon as my table clears of the 365, I will start back to work on the memory quilt. Everything is in the way of one another now. So I probably will not make the deadline of this as a finish until after the father leaves the company. And he insists someone will bring it to him. I think he is over estimating people’s kindness. Worse comes to worse I will deliver it. Not ideal, but I now understand why he rather rushed me. He wanted to get this done for his wife before he left the company. And even though I am making it for “baby”, I know deep down it is for his wife.

*sigh* Well played….

I recall making some key fobs, and thought I took a picture. Hmmmm….this post is incomplete. I will try to catch that part up mid week. There is a free pattern out there that you may like. I will share then

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Switching Projects – Happy International Quilting day!

For those of you who stick to one project and complete it before moving onto another, congratulations! You are smarter than me! Much has been accomplished this week, but because I changed gears, to change them back again, it left my work space unusable!

Yup that’s me…the mess maker. And the sad thing? My table is back to being messed up because a couple things happened.

I managed to get all the circles applique stitched down on the memory quilt. This requires a different machine than my daily machine. The swap out profile of one machine vs the other is vastly different, so that adds to the mess! (And for those of you who know me, this is a lot like work. I have to change gears a lot at my job which leaves everything half finished and not done efficiently! (I loathe that aspect of my job and this hobby sometimes. It is quite paralyzing!)

I was able to set it a side to wait for the parents to bring me a backing. So, I hopped back to the scrappy quilt.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is scrappy-rounds.jpg

I figured out why my triangles are not working. That will probably be another post all by itself. Additionally, I got a ton of free fabric, so guess where it is? If you guessed on my work table you guessed right.

And then on Thursday the people I am making the memory quilt for, said ”oh, here you go, we have a shirt to add. Just add more circles on the front. (P.S. the shirt owner is not dead????) And, so I will be adding to it. This memory quilt has frustrated me so much. Perhaps I am just spoiled to making things the way I want. The no freedom aspect of picking ANY fabrics, is quite a downer. The couple that I am dealing with are NOT the best communicators. And I suspect I will now have to provide the backing. To add to this, the ease of contact I have now is changing because my coworker leg of this relationship is changing. In three weeks he will no longer work where I work. So now there is a little more stress because the deadline of baby being born in May, to now just 3 weeks away, has me a little anxious!

In the meantime I will continue to enjoy quilting! I lack ripping some stitches and about three more passes and I will have the 365 quilted! This weeks weather was wonderful. My schedule permitted about an hour a day. I am getting excited to see this one at the binding step soon!

Because of the mess at my worktable, I am not even sure which direction I should go. Madness!

How are you handling the time change? I find the older I get, the less it affects my biological clock. Or perhaps my biological clock is now in tune with the change. I mean, you do something more than 50 times it does become routine eh?

Happy International Quilting Day! Piece and Quilt up a storm!!!!!

There has been progress behind the scenes. I suspect I will have a couple things to show next week. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog!

The Memory Quilt Start

Last week I posted about the less than optimal garments I had to start a crib sized memory quilt. I must admit that sometimes my mind just gets in the way of my own progress. It is off to a great start and I should have never doubted myself!

These circles are drawn on the back of these fabrics that I applied interfacing. I pin them to my design wall and if I like it I take my school glue and glue them to the black fabric (which by the way is one of the garments). Pleased as punch! I have gotten out my many-stitches machine and found the applique stitch and am stitching around all these circles, which will take me a while. The rest of the black background I will populate with random black/red pieces. The baby this is going to will not even care, but the mom and dad will love it!

And while I have black thread loaded I decided to stitch up a small project from the Open Gates Quilt Subscription box. It had a small piece of cork, a key chain device, a zipper, and pattern to make this!

This project took about 15 minutes from start to finish and I love how it turned out! This cork came from Sallie Tomato so I went and looked this up, it is a free pattern! I love how chic it looks (and it beats my old keychain which was some pony beads, a moda fabrics tie from a fat quart bundle, and some perler beads. This keyfob’s actual purpose is to keep your phone charger in. Each side of the charger sticks out the side slant at the top and all of the cord in maintained nice and neatly behind the zipper. So you can carry it with you and it won’t tangle all up in your purse.

March 2022 Open Gates Quilts Mystery box hit it out of the park. I got some fabric and thread to make a table runner. The fabrics are gorgeous. Also included was a large bargello quilt pattern. It takes two jelly rolls, which I don’t have two matching at this time. But that will make a beautiful quilt one day.

And this week had some fair quilting weather. I managed to get more than halfway on my 365 Quilt block challenge quilt. Watch my video below for a chit chat about quilt related stuff. Please share and subscribe too!

The weather is cold and foul today and we are supposed to get snow again. But next week will be very nice, I aim to get this beauty done!

Well, I am off. I have many circles to stitch around. Wish me luck on getting that finished!

Ta Ta for now and thanks for reading my blog!

Scrap Happy January 2022

I would like to share some ideas with you for January 2022 scrap happy post. Those of you have scraps and just aren’t sure what to do with them, there are sew many great freebies out there just waiting to help you trim down that fat bin of scraps.

Martha Stewart gives a simple idea of two scrap squares with pinked edges sewn as a scented sache.

ILoveFabric gives a great idea to cover your switch plate cover.

Whatsmummyupto suggests making a fabric swatch memory match game. My mother made this for the grandchildren and they love it!

Recently Kimberly Jolly from Fat Quarter Shop announced a scrap house free pattern. She had other annoucements in her video. Check it out! I have my eye on this cute idea.

Now onto more scrappiness….

For those of you who do not know in this past month I finished piecing the 365 Quilt Block Challenge quilt, its now a top! Horah!

I am waiting for warmer weather to quilt it. This was a massive amount of fabric, and a huge chunk of time. I have developed a quilting motif. This will allow me to travel from block to block with minimal retracing of stitches. My intention besides friendly travel is a folk art look. If you are interested in a crude rough draft of a pattern click here for my pdf.

I also finished the postage stamp quilt.

My goal this week is to get some more sewn on the stars (UFO) quilt I am working.

And I am working a community service project for hospice. I am making placemats to donate to those who are transitioning from earth to heaven. This may or may not make a difference, but it will be a keepsake for the family after the passing. A set of two placemats takes about a yard of fabric. I am using three fabrics in each mat. I am using the pattern called Inside Out Mats. They are on sale at sewthankful.com for $6.99.

What is everyone else working on? I would like to thank Kate and Gun for hosting! Click on the names to reach more scrap happy posts!

KateGun, EvaSue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill,
Claire, JanMoira, SandraChrisAlys,
ClaireJeanJon, DawnJuleGwen,
Bekki, Sunny, Kjerstin, Sue LVera,
NanetteAnn, Dawn 2, Bear, Carol,
Preeti, EdithDebbierose and Esther

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!


We nearly have 2021 licked! If you are reading this post, you lived through it. The past couple of years have been tough. We are seeing things we never thought we would see. I hope everyone gets their act together and practices the slogan, kill ’em with kindness. The world seems to be very divided. I ask everyone to put all that aside and remember we all put our pants on one leg at a time. There is enough negativity in the world. So, STOP THE SPREAD of negativity, it is snowballing. We are all trying our best. Our best may not be your best. We all walk in different shoes. Embrace the world and love one another. This will go a long ways.

I think because of the hardships many of us have faced have caused us to grow. Perhaps we are awakened. Perhaps we see things differently than 3 years ago with the same eyes. Our minds have been altered.

“Life Shrinks or Expands in proportion to one’s courage.”—Anais Inn Because of the turmoil on planet earth I can say we have expanded exponentially for the better of the human race. 2021 was harder than 2020. I hope that things ease in 2022 for all of us.

Today I am reflecting on the year. These are my finishes. And in comparison to other years, I think I was lacking! But there were many big project finishes.

This year seemed to be the year of starts. I think I became a serial starter!!!

So as a quilter I have expanded my abilities. This is good and bad, depending on how you look at it.

This is the time of year I like to look through all my photos and memories well up. Once I add the things I did not get done to the mix of getting things done, I accomplished quite a bit. I have added one more project this past week and have two more finishes.

I decided to make a new tote bag. The bag I have carried for two years, hand made by mom, it starting to show wear on the cloth handles. So I purchased the pattern and made another bag just a smidge larger. I love how this turned out!

I have put this fabric into many quilts. I still had a sizeable piece and wanted to incorporate this into a bag. So these are the pockets trimmed in faux leather.

Here is the bag unzipped.

And here is it zipped. I just love the foundation of the bag and the shape of the bag.

And here is the inside of the bag. I am loving my neutral colors. We will see how well this one holds up. This was a couple days effort.

And my second share I cannot share, but I have made another quilt top. The mystery quilt. The quilt top only took two days to make. As far as mysteries go, it is ok. The pattern call outs for fabrics is very vague, so it is a crap shoot LOL. I will keep it a mystery for a bit longer. 🙂

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It is weird to know the outcome of a mystery quilt. I will share sometime in march when everyone else has had time to do their clues.

I wish I could tell of what the future holds. I can vaguely say, it will contain quilting in my life, but content and volume is to be determined. Words of Wisdom by Bobby McFerrin

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Merry New Year!!!!