Life is short

Life is full of anxiety right now.  It is much like going through a divorce and not knowing your wack-job spouses next move.

Abundance is prepping.

………….and for some a sin called gluttony.   For those of you who have toilet paper check to see where it is made.  For years I was under the assumption it was made by Kimberly-Clark here in the states.  But after toilet paper-gate, if you read the package, it is made in China!  No wonder there is a shortage.  Thanks congress and NAFTA!

I presume everything is a month out, meaning the ports where Chinese shipping containers once were never ending, are completely empty.

If you live in the States, you are rabbits down the hole, waiting for this Alice in Wonderland scenario to stop.

Due to the demands of my job, I am working.  For those of you who read this and think, oh she is so lucky, think again.  I work in a plant with 6000 other people and we were all told to continue to show up for work.  So I go to work waiting for the announcement that I will have to go into quartantine.

My anxiety is high.  I am a home body, and work has always been a necessary evil.  But now it is like a double edged sword.  There is always the reality that a family member can be taken from me, and you dwell and worry to yourself.

I assume anger will be the next emotion.  My employer constantly puts out emails stating “our employees health and safety are important to us”.  I decipher this  as, My 401k stipend on my ceo salary has fallen in huge numbers.  Since part of my pay is through stock dividends, I must keep them up.  By keeping the numbers up, I am therefore, personally, more valuable.  By keeping them working, I will still have a job so I can pay for the jaguar and the million dollar home.

For those of you without money problems, now is the time to invest.  I foresee oil a great place to start since there is so much overproduction right now.  A little economics class in high school taught me about the law of supply and demand.

Now is also the time to place hedge bets against companies.  Those who were weak before this, will go belly up in less than a month.  I foresee JC Penny saying good bye.  Who do you think will tank?  Walmart?  They rely too heavily on China.

Because it is so hard for me to focus/concentrate, minimal sewing happened this week.  I was kind of down that I am continuing to work, potentially incubating and spreading for two counties that I work and live in.

I am uncertain if you would consider this a rant?  Whatever you want to call it, it is what it is.

toilet paper roll on ceramic plate
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Framed Pinwheels!

I have met my goals for the week!

I have made two framed pinwheel blocks with my scraps left over from the woven baskets quilt and frolic.  These will be my swap blocks for Treadle On Gathering Academy block swap exchange in Texarkana.  We call it TOGA for short.

I have started work on the customer quilt, almost a top.  I aim to have this finished by next weekend.  Sorry no pics as it is for the customer which is a gift for someone else, you understand eh?  Eventually it will show itself.

I have worked a few blocks for the 365 quilt block challenge.  Even thought it is a few it is better than none!  Would I have liked to have accomplished more?  The answer is yes!

a few more 365 challenge blocks

Still on the dark side of this, am ready to introduce some light!  It will come in time.

And my best achievement of the week?  I successfully quilted the disappearing pinwheel basket top.  I decided to use the lockers on my machine for the first time.  The key to having this work is a very true and square quilt top.  With mine being biased edges, I kind of bit my fingernails with each pass.  Turns out the blocks themselves were not true, but the loading and edges of the quilt were, which translated to even parallel lines at 90 degrees to one another.  This is a tedious process of walking behind the quilting machine, back to the front, over and over and over again.  Removing the quilt top, and then reloading on the opposite edge.  This simple grid took me right at 6 hours with no break.

There are a couple of unseen lines that I have to get my seam ripper after.  I forgot to lock the locker and then all of sudden the lines were not parallel any more.

dpbasket weave2dpbasket weave

And for a little more drama I doubled my batting.  I rather like the effect, and will probably do this with all of my quilts that I do for me and my family.  Just look at the shadow the grass is making with relation to the sidewalk.  Some neat photography trick, totally unintended.

I was worried I would not get to post this weekend as work was wanting me to work overtime all weekend, but that got axed yesterday afternoon with the marvelous team work and speed of what we did together.  I just love hectic days at work where humans come together for a common purpose.  In the wake of disaster, the human condition rises above and I am in awe of my work mates and how compatible we are when working together.  So here the post is, not delayed.  And this will afford me some time in the sewing/quilting dept for the weekend.  YAY!!

Goals for the upcoming week:

  1. I want to have the customer quilt completed.
  2. Catch up on 365 blocks, meaning getting more than a weeks worth done.  I would like to accomplish around 14 blocks.
  3. Work a few more framed pinwheels.  Perhaps I will use this as a leader ender as I sew my other blocks?
  4. I would like to rip out the 2 places of error in the basket weave quilt
  5. I would like to bind the basket weave quilt.

I have placed these in order of precedence.  I am doubtful I will get all of this list done, but the first three I would like to call mandatory, the remaining would be a bonus!

Spring is starting to peak out, the daffodils are up with unopened blooms.  I expect in the next week they will make their goal of showing their beautiful yellow selves.  They are so short lived, but oh so beautiful.  I noticed in some areas in the neighborhood they are already blooming.  My front yard is by the road and concrete which probably keeps the bulbs cooler and tricks them into thinking it is not yet time.   Used to grow at the base of a willow tree.  Willow trees in Texas are notorious for not achieving full maturity without problems.  Plus it weeps sap, so we took it down shortly after we moved into this house.  The removal of that tree was 24 years ago.  My my, where has the time gone?

Well laundry and dishes are saying “do me, do me”.   Lucky me eh?  Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!

Frolic and Dreaming Big

My two halves are joined!  Two sides of HSTs are sewn together!  I am so ready to be done!


This Frolic quilt top reminds my mom of Spring!  And boy howdy, here in Texas the skies are blue, not a cloud in sight, and highs are in the 70s.  Windows are open, fresh air is IN!  Because of the climate warming up, I was able to get in the garage for some quilting time.

I wish I could do this every day, it is most enjoyable.  On my frame is the orange dream big panel.  It has been 1/3 of the way quilted for a couple of weeks.

These are the first photos I showed a couple of weeks ago.  Today, it quilted!  I look forward to binding this one in the coming weeks.

I put a smiling sunny face in the center with rays radiating.  I rather like the child like appearance of this flower.


I tried to do a different doodle in each petal.  I have no idea if I made that goal as some of this was rolled up in my previous quilting which happened and my memory fails me now.

I certainly got creative with what I put in each petal motif.


Yes this is green grass….er weeds behind that come up every January and last through Feb in the yard.


I actually spelled out “dream big” and “sun shine” in text on the petals.

Sun, moon, stars, even a pair of lips made their appearance.  I enjoyed this skill builder.  It really makes you think about what to doodle, and in using the petal shapes, made my brain go in certain directions.

Here is the backing.  I had just barely two pieces big enough but needed a tad extra.  So the orange print got added, rather than going and purchasing fabric.  It works!

This also has franken-batting as a layer.  I don’t stitch mine together like some, I just over lap a tad.  Tis fine.  And perfectly suited for small projects such as this.


Looking at this, it looks kind of like candy corn, YUM!

This will make its appearance at the quilt hop in town and then gravitate to one of the children’s beds.  I know the last dream big purple panel I did was latched on to by my oldest daughter.  She sleeps with it every night, not that it is even big enough to cover her.  The more this panel gets washed, the more it becomes like old faded denim.  Where it is quilted reminds me of seams of well worn jeans.  Soft and comfy.

I am not going to set any goals for the coming week as work will be in the way.  If I get to stitch, it will be a productive week, if I don’t get to stitch, I will get to rest my weary feet.  Either way will be a win win!

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!


Wrap up and Expectations

This is the time of year that wraps up figuratively or literally!  Whether it is gift wrap or reflection of 2019, it is wrapping up.

Last year, in reflection, I was a brand new longarmer.  Now I have a skill set, and love every sweaty or freezing moment in the garage with my purple longarm.  I always worried I would quilt myself right out of quilts.  That has not been a problem.  I think there are 2 waiting.

The biggest success of the past year is my Stars Upon Thars, an improv quilt that started out with a completely different idea.  The quilt seeds took root and grew in a totally different direction.

twinkling stars

Another success was the mystery quilt called good fortune.  I went black for my neutrals and am still in awe that this one decision made such a huge contrasting impact.


My nemesis for the first few months was tension.  The tension dragon is tamed.  My biggest failure of the year, not working on my UFOs.  Tsk TskTsk.  I have about 5.  Two of these will be amazing when finished.  Will 2020 be the year?  YES!  I aim to finish what I started many moons ago.

So what will I be working towards in 2020?  Finishes of course!  My list…

Two of these are ready to quilt.  Two of these need to be made into a top as the blocks are sewn.  And the string quilt will progress because the scrap bucket always runneth over!  One of these is my ongoing hand stitching project.

And on another completely different level, There will be an exciting announcement sometime this year but can only say, the “Lords Supper Quilt” is coming to town.

In addition, I have started the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery called frolic.  These pieces will be in my next top somehow, lol.

A coworker has announced a baby is on the way.  These things come in threes.  I suspect I will be making 3 baby quilts.

This year, every week I would set goals and try to meet or exceed my goals.  There were only a couple of times goals were not met.  So, I am carrying this over to a yearly goal, the big picture.  Will I have all of these completed next year?  No, but if I get more half of them done, it will be a good year.

Quilting JetGirl is having a planning party.  Do you have a plan for the upcoming year?  If you don’t, it might benefit you to hop on over to her sight and read what others are planning.  There may be a trick, tip, or advice that you need.  Click here to see the linky party and what others have planned for 2020.

Time off is just around the corner, and I aim to due some damage to my stash.  Let the diminishing begin!  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!




I became a statistic

I have been commuting to the same job for 18 years.  Every year the time changes twice, and every year I drive by a nasty accident, and I also am afraid of becoming a statistic.  I am always very careful the days following a time change because STUPID people are amoung us!

Years ago when the internet was new, I recall reading a statistic about daylight savings.  It involved a statistic for the insurance companies.  Their claim rates go up signifigantly when the time changes.  There are more accidents follinwg the time change than any other days on the calendar.  More heart attacks and strokes occur too, that one hour plays havoc with the mind and body!

Your body clock is a very perfectly tunned/timed device, you throw a wrench into the works by not eating at the same time, not sleeping at the same time, and not having the same amount of daylight at the same time.  And there is no cure.  You are forced to this schedule.

I think most american’s would agree that daylight savings should go.  It was invented to save candle wax, we are far more advanced that using candle wax, c’mon people we can use phones that can light the way in the dark.  Or better yet we just flip a switch to have light.

On Monday Novemeber 4th, benefits enrollment opened up at work.  And this year there were no paper mailers, this year it is all online.  So I stayed late at work to accomplish my next year elections.  I was running about 30 minutes late.  The 30 minutes late would then place my leaving at the peak of everyone else leaving.  I work with over 6000 people, and only 2 out holes, so you can imagine this “realeasing of the hounds” follows you all through the city and is minor traffic congestion where ever you go.  That was such a mistake, I regret leaving, If only I’d left at normal time, or stayed just a few more minutes.

Back in July I finally bought a new car.  Said new car has 7800 miles on it already,  My commute is long, my car is new, and I enjoy every minute I spend, as compared to my other car which was a 2008 and had manual locks and manual roll up windows.  I feel very lucky to drive this wonderful new car.

Exited work at about 4 ish.  Got caught at the first redlight.  The person in fornt of me was not paying attention wich caused me to break harder than I wanted.  But all was well.

Got caught at the next light.  I was about 7 cars back from the actual light.  The light had just changed green, and I just took my foot off the brake to give some gas.  Then I heard the crash behind me, and then I felt the tap.  Because I was already moving the tap was not as bad as it could have been if I was not moving.  I put the car in park and got out too see how bad it was.  A three car incident.  And the car that caused all of it was BAAAADDDD!

The speed limit on this road is 50.  Lots and lots of people like to travel this at 60 or faster.  Obvisouly when work gets out, travel is with the flow of traffic.  I estimate the woman that caused the accident was traveling around 55 or 60, and apparently had a bad case of distracted driver syndrome.  My guess is she was on her phone, more about that later.

So I ran back to the worst car, to see if she was still alive.  She was.  She could not talk, she could not breath (the wind was knocked out of her).  She was bleeding from her eyes.  All she could do was open her door, and lean her seat back to try to start breathing right again.  She just kept moaning probably because the wind was knocked out of her.

I looked back to see who was behind to make sure my safety was ok.  There was someone in the turning lane who came up on the accident (after the fact), and I motioned for her to call 911.

We both observed this 32 year old named Kelly in the crashed up car, that she hit the windshield.  No seatbelt.  She had purple hair.  Did not look like she lives by rules.  When she finally was able to speak, she asked if everyone was ok, I said yes we were fine.  She appolgized and said she was so sorry she did not mean too.  I told her it is ok, that is why it is called an accident.  You didn’t mean too.  She then asked me again if everyone was ok.  At this point I am thinking she is not thinking right and probably is seriously got something bad going on in her brain because it was not 5 seconds ago she had just asked the same question.  I answered her question the same.

The lady I asked to call 911 was done with the call and asked the 32 year old if she could call anyone for her.  She asked to speak to her mom.  She could not remember her moms number.  We asked for her phone.  We asked where her phone was, she said it was on her lap (yeah she was probably texting at the time of the accident).  We got her phone and got through to her mom.

At this point, we are only a block away from the fire dept.  They got there first, and then the police rolled in.  I gave my statement.  The officer collected his data.

There was also another man in between the worst and the best of the crash.  His name is Larry and I work with him.  That poor guy.  He was just back to work his first day after being off for medical leave.  He had his appendix out 2 weeks before.  He said he side was hurting but refused ambulance service and said he thought he might just drive and get his own assistance.  That man tried so hard not to hit me.

The impact from this girl hitting him caused his truck rear end to travel up then sideways.  That motion caused his cattle gaurd on his truck to hit my bumper at an angle, not straight on.  There looked to be no damage to his front end.  But the back end of the pick up was a nasty sight.  He said he was pushing hard on his break trying not to hit me.  I know he tried HAAAAAARRRRRDDDD!  I walked away uninjured.  I don’t think I can say the same for the others.  The girl was backboarded by the paramedics.  They were probably trying to keep her neck and back from moving.  The girl could not move.  But I witnessed her open her own car door and move her seat back, but perhaps she could not move her legs.

The reason she had the wind knocked out of her was becasue she was not wearing her seat belt.  The impact into the truck caused the truck to downforce on the car, which propelled her up.  She hit at the top of the windshield.  So the airbag deploy was right to the chest.

I travel this road every day, and every day have to be reminded by bleeding eyes that there was a wreck and that someone is very hurt.  This bother’s me.  I am now faced with an insurance claim on my new car, which will never be the same.  I cannot open my rear door anymore as it affected it that much.  I cannot use the car for what it was intended, to get groceries.  The damage and all the sensors and electronics is a worry for what will crap out now before it is time because it is unknown.

Our insurance company said if they pay for the claim that my rates will go up because I have a no acccident discount.  In the past chain reaction wrecks are usually paid by the insurance company of the car who hit you.  Again I feel sorry for the guy I work with in the truck as his insurance will be impacted.

What I would really like to do is take the girl to civil court for damages and make her pay my lawyer and get money that way for pain and suffering.  If I wanted to see someone bleeding from their eyes, I would have became a doctor.  I am not a doctor and never planned on ever seeing this sight.  I did not like what I saw, and I have a flash back every time I drive by that spot in my commute.

I am placing those photos at the very bottom of the post so they do not show up in wordpress feed.  Scroll to the bottom.  My car is the silver one.  You will figure out the other two.

My plans for quilting on Monday were canceled.  The wreck ate up 45 minutes and the extra 30 minutes I left late, nope, not enough time.  No quilting happened this week.  The daylight savings crunch has affected my quitling habit too.

I did have a finish this week.  My Kaffe Periwinkles is now complete.

I did some quilting it do death areas, QITD.  Some doodling, and then a pattern imerged that I really liked and stayed with it.

I am currently binding  Terrarium (by Elizabeth Hartman)  jelly roll race quilt.  That will be my next finish.


I have started pressing my neutrals for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt called frolic.

I still am getting over my cough, damn thing won’t leave, but yesterday I hardly coughed at all, and today is even better.

I am not making plans for the upcoming week, as there have been too many things flung in my direction lately to try to keep up.  I hope to have a post by weeks end with another finish.

Did you catch my apple crisp recipe?  If you didn’t you can click here to get it.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!



Weekend Edition Nov 2, 2019

Happy Saturday readers!  Yet another week down the tube.  I have been a busy beaver trying to play catch up from the flu, and getting in some valuable stitching time today too.

I cut some muslin 10 inch blocks, and I will be pairing it with this fabric.  I hope to do a disappearing something with it.

farmhouse fabric

Whilst cutting those pieces of muslin I was sadly disappointed in my bolt of muslin.  I purchased a 50 yard bolt.  I figure I am about 8 yards or so into it and then I see this.

bolt of muslin

Not sure if this is grease pencil or actual pencil.  And rolling the bolt out a bit further to wack this piece off, I came across this:

bolt of muslin 2

Not COOL!  When one purchases a full bolt of muslin they expect it to be one uninterupted long piece with out ink, writing or someone elses stitches!  I supposed that is what I get for going through amazon and paying less than $2 per yard.

I also cut muslin for the foundation of my dresden scrap fans.  I stitch them on and then use chenille that I purchased at the thrift store to finish the edge.

I have since sewed 4 quadrants with paper removed to make circles and those will be my next row to advance to in this scrappy quilt.  I will also chenille those edges.  I have also played with the idea of a squiggle on the next row.  This is going to be a very sampler like row quilt made from the same pattern just laid out differently.

I managed to quit a bit on the Stars on Thars quilt, I only have one more visit to the longarm and it will be done.

stars and thars 1

And I snapped a few photos of the quilt my Mom made for me.  This was a quilt kit that was made years ago.  I inheritted it from a gracious co-workers grandmother.  I passed it on to Mom, and she snatched it up.  Appliqued the pieces, and then hand quilted it.  She was very near being done, but then broke her shoulder which slowed her way down.  It is done, and it is mine and I don’t want to use it is soooooo pretty.

Because of the enormity and color, I did not want to take it outside.  It also does not fit right on the bed that is pushed to the corner.  So I snapped a quadrant or two of it.  One of these days when the weather is perfectly cooperative, I will capture it’s essence.

hand quilted 1hand quilted 2hand quilted 3hand quilted

I am also binding the kaffe periwinkle quilt.


I have decided to do that one by hand.  I have another quilt, jelly roll race, that I would like to bind sometime this week.


I have done my fabric pull for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. I will be working on starching/pressing those fabrics, getting them ready for Black Friday.  I am really liking this new tradition of mine and can’t wait for the Holidays to get underway.  They will be here before you know it!  And the stitch campaign will reign another year!

Made some apple crisp today.  Easy and delicious.  I will try to get that uploaded to my other blog .   No Pictures though because it was too damn good, and did not last long enough for a picture.

The dishes are caught up in the kitchen.  Tomorrow I will tackle oodles of laundry and vacuuming.  I am feeling better and that feels good!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for reading my blog!


And on the clothes line…..

Well, we went from running the ac full blast to turning on the heater in just a day!  In Texas we have Summmmmmmer, and HOTum, then a very brief winter, followed by a even briefer spring.  HOTum lasted a good while and will probably be back before October is over.

And my dryer went out again!  My dryer is now two years old, and both times the same part has decided to burn through like a fuse.  The heating element.  First time we had the warranty guy come fix it, no charge, this time instead of waiting for more than a week, we just ordered the part and will install it ourselves.  And yes it is still under warranty.  After looking how the element is made, the reason it has broken in the same spot twice, it was poorly engineered.  And yes, I know how to debunk poor engineering, as this is what I do for a living.  You see, the element consists of coils that run in parallel with one another.  Because the engineer decided on a horizontal mount, that last two coils get all the heat from the bottom coils.  And then it finally bursts the coil.  It is called coefficient thermal expansion.  The part does not cost alot.  And it looks like this:

71GtByxQJ3L._SL1500_ (1)

When you feel the coils located at the bottom of the circuit, they are smooth, and then as your eyes travel to the top of the element, you can tell the sheet metal got hot as there is heat discoloration and the coils themselves feel grimey on the surface.  Too much heat.  Damned engineers.  So when this devices gets to hot it burns through like a light bulb element.  Same concept, as the metal degrades, it burns up.

So, laundry has been hanging on the line.  I marvel at how quickly a load can dry.  Within a matter of three loads of washing, I am taking towels back inside.  Mother natures dryer is great, unless it rains!

So this morning a photo op happened at the clothes line.  I pinned up my rows of wedding rings.  It looks like this will be a quilt top before the end of the day.  A speckling of turquoise, pink, brown, green, and purple blocks placed randomly, this is where I over think the layout of things.  Takes me a while as this is the true commitment of quilt.  The marriage of color in just he right spots.

Good thing I was to this point in the making, as my wooden clothes dryer which is used much for quilting projects that are starched and cut strips, had to get used for drying clothes the day it did rain.

Earlier this week, I made Poor Man’s Stew, and a reinvented version of cornbread.


Yes this is actually cornbread!  Looks like a waffle, tastes like cornbread.  Please visit my other blog, the for those recipes.

My goals for last week, NOT MET.  I tried I really did.  Took two videos by myself, one of which I used a ribbon as a lanyard with the camera around my neck.  Because of boobage/the ole mamories, the footage taken was of the ceiling and you could see strands of my hair in fly away mode.  So I then tried just placing on the belly bar.  But this was not ariel enough, so you got to hear it and see movement, but nothing really educational about quilting.  And I worked a couple of evening of atleast 2 hours each, and am still not done with that!  Ruler work is slow, but the good news is, I am getting faster with the motion of it.  Practice will get me more fluid in my movements and help me speed it along.  Gosh I hope to be done with that quilt.  It has been 5 weeks on the longarm.  Before it was too hot, and now it has cooled off so much that it might be right on the cusp of being too cold.  Fair weather days will need to be utilized for quilting as I have so many tops and one more almost complete.feedsacks

This week I stopped into the thrift store.  And it was a big score!  I got these authentic vintage feed sacks!!!! And was only charged 75 cents!  Slowly I am coming across this fabric and have a few pieces that will one day be a quilt.  I have eiffel towers, and pink background with large blue flowers (this was my Grandma’s).  I also have large dk blue flowers on white with green leaves.  That print is not very attractive and is common while shopping at quilty vendors at shows.  But these two pieces are gorgeous!  And if you do a tad of math are probably about 75 years old!  It cost me a penny a year for the price of two LOL!

In the past week, with the changes in the local Treadle On Gathering Academy moving to Texarkana, I have decided to donate my TOGA quilt made from the blocks swapped in 2018.  It will be placed on the table for the silent auction to raise funds for the new venue to secure the monies needed to keep this going.  I have so many quilts, and I may just have to buy it back and keep it, but have offered this up.  So you TOGA members, bring your money, I have a dollar figure in mind and am hoping to bring this back home with me.  I challenge you to out bid me.  🙂


Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Finish quilting the Kaffe Fasset Quilt
  • periwinkles 2
  • Finish the wedding ring block assembly
  • on the clothes line
  • Fix the dryer
  • Dry clothes on the clothes line too!

That first goal is the make it or break it.  I hope to be done with that one this week!

Well, that is a wrap!  Thanks for reading my blog!


Weekends are the best!

Nothing like a weekend to recharge the battery.  Especially older batteries like inee, which take longer to charge and probably do not get charged all the way.

I must say that my Saturday was WONDERFUL!!!  I spent time with my Mom and my Son.  Exchanged stories, laughed, loved, and marveled!  Did a bit of antiquing, a quilt show, and even some quilt block construction.  The trifecta!

I failed to take my camera with me to the quilt show.  Through the years going to quilt shows there would always be a new technique that would catch my eye or something nicely quilted, or even beautiful fabrics.  Yes it is nice to gaze upon them, nice to comment about them, and just plain nice.  We discussed ribbons, and how judges can over look beauty and declare something kind of ugly as the winner.  We wondered about how things were judged and who the judges were.  Nothing really new to me there……

And then there was shopping at the event!  There was one table that the ladies were trying to get rid of all the fabric.  Stuff a bag for a $1.  So I came home with some more neutrals.

I took notice of the guild’s table for pamphlets free to take, several on thread, and since I am now bobbin lacing, snatched up some of those freebies to look into purchase.

I came across the dream big panels, buy 2 get one free.  My daughters fight over the purple one I made, so another purple one will be made.

dream big

I grabbed a turquoise one because that is my favorite color, and then they had an orange one that I had never seen before.  I will probably go orange the next one I quilt.  Now that I have rulers that will be a whole new experience!

In the downtown area of this community that hosted the quilt show was also a flea market going on where the streets were blocked off and oodles of antique vendors with their booths with crowds of people looking for their “find”.

I scored big yesterday.  I came across a vender that had a featherweight.  Just being at the quilt show and seeing the pristine machines with the cute little price tags that were deemed unaffordable, I was surprised to see a featherweight, not already snatched up at the reasonable price of $150.  After inspecting it, it no longer had a bakelite foot, replaced with something much newer, no case, no attachments, and had a cogged belt (which was out of place).  This quilty friends, translates into bargaining power!

We looked up the age, it was made in Dec of 52 (later seeing the centennial badge).  And because of all these oddities I new someone had not taken care of it and just could not reason with the lady trying to sell it.  She kept telling me if I were to go buy the bobbin case it would cost me $50, and that She would not take $140 for it.  So I sat it down and told her that it does not have the attachments, the case, and the belt is not right.  The lady was kinda cranky.  So I sat it down and moved along.

As we were getting ready to leave, I gave my son $125 and said, go and see if she will take it for that amount.  She said no again and kinda was frustrated cranky with my son.  She said let me ask my husband, and he gave it the thumbs up, and over ruled her decision.

After getting the featherweight home, it did not have any grease on the gears, and because it rained the day before and probably got wet, already had a bit of cancer waiting to get worse because of the neglect.

So I cleaned (and probably need to clean some more).  I oiled, I greased, and it runs like a top. My two concerns are with the finish on the light as well as the cancer in the bobbin area.

fw build upcancer fw

Overall I am pleased with my purchase and it will be a good machine for my daughters to learn on.  They are so curious and love helping me press my foot control to make the machine go.  So family sewing lessons are coming soon.  That should prove to be interesting.

I probably need to swap this rusty machine with the good one I use everyday just to keep that little machine and all its parts moving to help prevent the cancer that could grow.

After I cleaned up my machine mess, and oh boy was that a filthy girl I started thinking of names for her.  She didn’t have the best life, but she is still good at what she does.  What famous singer could I name her after.  Tina after Tina Turner.  Yup, she has much patina… Tina it is.  She sings beautifully, just like this singer sings beautifully in spite of the facts of the life it has had.

Into the sewing scheme of things, I managed some of that this week.  Overtime got cancelled after only working a day.  I swear I wish it could be more streamlined at work without the ebb and flow of the “work tide”.  It is what it is.  I finished my pink blocks which now equal 10.  I have made good headway on the green blocks, with 8 of those completed.

I am currently dreaming of a different color and know brown would be nice, but not sure if I have enough to make it good and scrappy.  So I think I will have to go back through my totes and see what stands at my attention saying “pick me!  PICK ME!”

Today will be laundry and cooking and cleaning with a tad of sewing.  On the Cat side of news, each of the momma cats coming around we now know that one momma had three kittens, we were able to give them some love.  My daughter named one Snake because it hisses and spits at you, LOL.  I saw three babies this morning running around across the street where the other momma goes, so I reckon we will be getting acquainted with them.

I cannot add any more text to this post to convey any more message except, thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!


Wedding Ring Block Tutorial! (jelly roll friendly)

Does this sound complicated to you?  If you said yes, did you know there is a friendly version?

When the phrase Wedding Ring Quilt is mentioned you think of curved and complicated seams of construction.  I have always wanted to try making one of THOSE quilts and have probably enough experience to do so, but at a much, much later date.  A screen capture of Pinterest wedding ring block.

wedding ring screen shot

Today’s focus will be on making the old fashioned version of this block.  This relies on accurate HSTs (half square triangles) and squares.  Choose the size of unit you are most comfortable.  Today’s tutorial is utilizing the 2 1/2 inch squares, but you could certainly go smaller or larger.

Tools required:

  • spray starch and pre ironed fabric
  • color way of neutral fabrics
  • color way of your assigned color fabrics (today I am using pinks)
  • Easy Angle ruler
  • rotary cutter
  • cutting mat
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • thread

What are we aiming for?  This is the block.

the finish


Starch and iron all fabrics you plan on using before any cutting.  After successful starch/ironing cut your strips to your desired width.  Mine are 2 1/2 inches

tools needed

Next lay a neutral face up and a pink face down directly on top of one another.

angle cutting on bias

Square up left edge (if you are right handed).  Notice my 2 1/2 inch strips are right at the 2 1/2 inch line.  Cut your bias edge with the line on the 2 1/2 inch mark.  (not any fabric showing from under that line, and not the line under the fabric, but resting on top of the fabric).  Cut.

anglecutting on bias repeat

Rotate your ruler and cut your 90 degree edge.  Flipping your ruler repeat this process down your strip set.  Set your triangle cuts aside for sewing.  For each block you will need 16 HSTs.  If you are going for a scrappy look, involve as much variety from your stash (or the store) as you can.  A two fabric only look for this block would be just a beautiful.

sew your hsts

Sew your paired cuts of neutral and pink feeding the flat side of the angle in.  This will prevent your machine from pushing a point into the machine and causing a nest of thread and a gob of frustration.

finger press remove dogear

Finger press your seam open and trim the dog ear.  Notice you only have one to trim!  That is the great thing about this Easy Angle Ruler, it is accurate, and it saves you yardage.  That extra dog ear you normally trim if making a full size quilt of nothing but HSTs would amount to vast yardage being thrown in the garbage and therefore not utilizing your fabric to it’s full cost.  That would be like buying a yard of fabric and throwing away an 1/8th of that yard!  Fabric is too expensive for me to do that!

This is a good time to take a measurement.  Make sure your 1/4 seam is a scant seam which allows for the thread bulk as well as the fabric to fold over itself.  After finger pressing, your HST should measure 2 1/2 inches square.  If it does not, adjust accordingly.  Success for this block will require an accurate scant seam.  If your block is larger, enlarge your seam allowance (or trim your block).  If your block measures smaller than 2 1/2 inches square, make your seam allowance smaller.

Remember you will need 16 HSTs, for this block, so you can either sew them all up or you can sew as you go.  I like to improv when doing scrappy quilts so I only sew a 4 patch at this point 4 times, but find your rhythm and proceed.

The block tutorial:

  • 4 four patch HST units
  • 5 neutral squares
  • 4 pink squares

Make an HST 4 patch.

make 16

Sew your 4 patch.  Pressing is tricky.  For two of your 4 patches you will press the top row toward the pink, and the bottom row toward the neutral.  This will create perfect nesting for the next step.

sew 2nd seam of 4 patch

When feeding the seams through your machine, the most ideal situation for perfectly nested seams, is to have the seam on top towards the presser foot.  So if things don’t go perfectly at the begining, the lip of the seam will wedge itself to the seam below and lock it into place providing the best nesting experience.   Two blocks will be pressed like this and two of the 4 patches will be pressed the opposite way to provide non bulky seams through the whole block.  Do you have to do it like this?  No.  If you prefer you can always do whatever you normally do, or you can press them open.  Whatever you like, it is your quilt, you are your own quilt police HA!

fingerpress and spin seams

The end result will be this.  Notice I have spun my centers.  This is ideal for your quilt.  It allows flatter seams and less bulk during quilting.  If you count the fabrics right there, the count is 12 layers.  No needle should have to sew that.  By spinning your seams, it will be less wear and tear on your machine, especially if you quilt it later.

repeat but press block in opposite direction from first

Repeat this 4 patch once exactly like you just made it, pressing and all.  Repeat this 2 more times but press in opposite directions.  This will enable you to spin the seams throughout the wedding ring block.

cut some scrappy squares

Cut some pink squares at 2 1/2 inches as well as some neutrals.  You can use the easy angle ruler for this as well, or use what ever ruler you are comfortable.  Make sure when cutting the line is ON the fabric.

press center blocks opposite 4 patches

Notice the direct of the HSTs.  They are pointing to a common point.  That will be close to center.  The edge on the right place a pink square between the 4 patches and then place a neutral opposite the pink.  sew that seam and notice both your 4 patches the seam is pressed to the right.  You will want to press your seam to the neutral.  This will allow for perfectly nested seams and allow you to spin your seams.

second seam in top half of block

Now sew the next seam to the squares.

finger press in on both seams

You now are almost halfway done!

Repeat all of this in a mirror image of what you have just sewn.

And now you are 75% done, the easy part is left.

line 5 center sewing

To complete this block you will need three neutral squares and two pink.  Notice their placement and chain piece them.  During chain piecing, sometimes I sew HSTs for the next block to keep threads utilized.

keep spinning those seams

Notice the finger pressing not perfect but manages to keep the seams spinning.  Just one more seam to go!

the finish

One last step, press.  Since you have finger pressed everything so far, it is a matter of laying the iron on the block and getting flat seams.  No distortion which creates a perfect square block.

And there you have it, the old fashioned version of the wedding ring block.  Your pinks make a ring in the center, and HSTs are nice facets around the perimeter.  If this was done in something shiny, it would sparkle like a diamond wedding ring, eh?  The block finished out at 10, 10 1/2 inches unfinished.

Three years ago I would have never attempted this block.  But after many successful quilts later using the Easy Angle Ruler, I am so on board!  For the quilt I am making, I will make a few pink blocks and a few green blocks.  There will be more colors in the quilt I am making, but I have not yet decided which colors.

This will go relatively fast if you have many strips precut and stack of HSTs already cut just ready to sew.  Sometimes I use the leader/ender technique while in the middle of this block, sewing for the next block, streamlining the process.

The reason this ruler works for me is, I do not like to be slowed down by drawing lines plus having extra tools lying about.  It is just cut and sew.  And that is what quilting is all about!

I hope my blog inspires and teaches.  Would you tackle this block?  Having the right tools helps.  I like the genius of this block in that I only have one measurement I constantly cut through the whole quilt.  No 1/8ths.  No drawing lines.  And it is jelly roll friendly.  Just in time for National Sew a Jelly Roll Day on Sept 21st, 2019!

Thank you for reading my blog!




Ready, Set, SEW!

Well, I am back on the sewing track!  All Aboard!  Trains have been mentioned in my blogs of late.  ….Referring to time chugging out of control.  After a bad migraine, and rested hands (which kinda drove me crazy….like to keep my hands busy), my sewing adventure continues.

people doing marathon
Photo by Snapwire on

I have a couple of finishes, and a start, and an in between.

I would first like to share the Stars Upon Thars 81 Patch quilt top.  I have it sewn and it is glorious!  It looks old fashioned, but with mostly new fabrics.  During the last couple of weeks making this work, I took notice that all of the blocks were sewn at very different times.  These 64 patch blocks had been started by hand, and then sewn some more with the same thread but by machine, and then sometime later sewn with much thinner thread (I presume polyester).  And now it is conjoined with my fabrics and thread, for a old fashioned, scrappy traditional looking quilt top.  I would like to take the time to thank all my readers and voters on social media who made this the best possible outcome.  Your votes counted, and thank you on helping me make that decision!

81patch hand stitching

We don’t ever look at the back of the work much, but I wanted to show how even some of the stitchings are.  And I see feed sack and shirtings, I wonder if this was started in the 40s when money was scarce and sewing machine factories figured out other means for manufacture.  Then I presume machine stitching happened after the war probably in the 50s when machines could be afforded on revolving debt.  These blocks have waited so long to become something.  And now 60+ years later, it is on its way to being done!

on the twin

Here it is, on the twin bed, which is much too small to show case all its glory!

on my couch

On the couch! still too big, but you get the picture.  I was very afraid that where I had trimmed the 81 patches to square things up, would make it look horrid.  But it kinda is lost with all the squares and their uniformity.  Far away you do not notice it, up close, yup, it sticks out like a sore thumb, but it is done!  I have only two star blocks left over that can be made into a hot pad or large potholder.  One was the yellow lady bug one that just did not work with the old look.

layoutAnd my tree one I cut the wrong way, so it is not in this.

not making the cut

I will have fun at a later time with these orphans.

And after completion of a big project leaves an emptiness in my sewing soul.  I had to start stitching, but what….

First I got out my Moda Scrap Bag, sewed a bunch of 3 inch strips with the idea of making a jelly roll race.  But the strips were cut with the grain, and were not 45 wide but only 36, and some shorter.  So I have a nice start to something to be finished in the future.  My plan is to sew some solids to each side and call it modern/minimalist.  Too be photo’d at a later time.

Still itching… checking the mail, got some correspondence junk mail from a quilting magazine that I used to subscribe too.  In their little packet of junk, there was inclosed a free Bonnie and Camille pattern, it was beautiful.  So beautiful in fact, that a new project is well on its way.  The pattern does not give the block a name, but after looking into my reference quilt block book, quickly found the name of the old block.  This is called the Wedding Ring.

Here is the start.  I have 4 pink blocks made with several in the works.  I am utilizing my skills that Bonnie Hunter has manage to connect and get into this quilters cranium.  I am utilizing some wild neutrals, and all shade of pink.  Some neutrals are a bit dark, but that is ok, I am using it up.  Much of these were scraps, and glad to have them into a piece that will eventually become something other than living dead in a tote LOL.

I have started on my greens, but have not made one yet, just pulled and starched fabrics.  My scraps all seem to gravitate to an olive green.  Glad to use those up.  Probably not the best color to go with the pink, but it will certainly make a statement.  In nature these two colors reside side by side in many flowers and greenery.  So out of the stash you go into something productive.

And if that wasn’t enough, I made a sewing kit for my purse.  This was a nice hand project using things about the house, not having to shop for a thing.

sewing kit

It doesn’t look like much.  It is about 4 inches by 1 1/2 inches.  I failed to use a fastener.  I am just using a rubber band.  It works!

sewing kit openned

You can see the wool helps hold the pins and needles.  The container itself is perfect for a small spool of thread, thimble, and a fold up scissors.

sewing kit conents

And I have managed some time on the longarm, doodling away.  Finding out that my one ruler I have, does not have a loopy small enough clamshell for the current design.  So ruler work is kinda at a loss for now.  I will be in search of a smaller arch.  My arch is so flat on these blocks it looks like a sloppily outlined a stitch in the ditch.  So major doodling for now.

My mother called to say she was done hand quilting a 100 by 110 quilt and it is soooooo beautiful.  And will be mine!  With its completion will come bragging rights to this blog.  Proud as a peacock, I am.


I have gotten much done, with a bit more to go, to get me through the monotony of the week, to the weekend excitement of sew-a-palooza.  I plan on stitching much, like a marathon.  It will require hydration and probably chocolate.  I can handle that.


Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!