Rowing my Boat On Ringo Lake

The holidays have come and gone.  I have spent several hours in the last two months rowing my boat on ringo lake, the mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter

I have learned a few things along the way.  Have gotten oodles of use from my Folded corners ruler.  I cannot say I have mastered it as there was a hiccup along the way.

  • My feed dogs are so worn out that the last three weeks of stitching I have basically been stitching in the blind.  You see my 1/4 foot was no longer 1/4 inch.  With my machine when it starts stitching the needle moves slightly to the left and the foot torques just a tad and because the feed dogs are so worn, this caused the 1/4 inch foot to rub itself into oblivion causing it to malform the black edge.  I will be working to get a new one.
  • In the meantime I will continue to wing it.  I am also having trouble making over the humps of the flying geese when stitching all those layers together.  I suppose I can adjust my pressure foot tension but then this causing the bottom layer to scootch at a different rate than the top fabric.

I am not going to say all my work was for naught.  Much has been accomplished in the last few days.  All of my 3 1/2 inch blocks are stitched.  I am working stitching the diamond sashing.  All of my cuts have been made.  All of my leftover fabrics from this challenge have now been put away.  All that is left is assembly.

I am glad with my bright fabric choices.  I am not going to say I was disappointed with the mystery quilt reveal, but I will say that if you used the wrong colors, the busy-ness of the quilt pieces with the paler colors will make the quilt very washed out looking.  Like I said I am happy with my bright oranges.

Here is a snapshot of the pieces I have stitched, not pressed laid out as a glimpse of what is to come.  Nothing like dangling the carrot before me to put the wind beneath my wings, eh?  I suspect other Ringo Lake boaters will entertain the idea of different layouts and go a different route.  We shall see.  I have the rest of my entire life  to work on this and hope by next week to have a couple of rows sewn for the link up.

Let the letdown begin…..*SIGH*

orl layout

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