Sadness, but Less

This morning was a normal morning. The last thing I do before I walk out the door besides lock it, is feed our cats. As I walked out to my car, I saw one of our cats motionless in the road. Yeah, kitty was ran over. And in the dark, it looks as if it was our prized cat Mama Kitty.

This wore on my mind all day as this is the favorite cat in our hearts. I am such a bad fur baby parent, and should love all the cats. But as we all know, cats have personalities that resemble people. We coexist with people we do not like, and I can attest to coexisting with cats I do not like.

My daughter called me at work to tell me she did not think it was momma kitty. She has a distinct split ear.

So my worry all day in my heart for the hearts that would be hurting over this at the house (as well as my own) was for naught. I came home expecting to dig a grave. Turns out the ground is too hard, and that cat was not mama kitty. She is missing and I will be visiting the pound in the coming days expecting to bail her out of cat jail.

So I thought the week was ending with a heavy heart, turns out, it ended Less Sad. We think it was one of our cats, but it was not one that the girls oogle over. So a bit of a relief.

The rest of the week worked out well for sewing 365 blocks. I have about 4 boards with cut pieces ready to sew together, and fabrics paired with block instructions for 3 more. And this weeks count of blocks is…….8. Some of these take so long with all these small pieces that you cut, sew, and then trim and sew again.

I am very pleased with the contrast with these fabric groupings. This is getting hard to do, or my brain is getting tired of doing it, not sure which! The middle purplish block is WRONG. I got turned around while I was tired and seemed to get lost with my block pattern a.k.a. sewing roadmap. And this would require very small seam ripping of less than 6 inches, but I am to the point once I sew this into the quilt top, I will probably never even be able to find the 3 inch block. So a new design element it is! Going Amish style LOL!

I am working a bit this weekend, and not sure how much creative juices will flow in the coming week. And Texas has seen several 70 degree days, but I did not get time to get to the longarm. There were a couple of days that my body was fighting off some bug. I had body aches one day, and was tired the next and kept thinking I was going to end up with a sore throat. I beefed up on my vitamins those two days, and I am fine. However, there are coworkers that have bronchitis and colds right now. I presume my immune system worked it’s miracle. All is good in the household.

Let more sewing commence! Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!


4 thoughts on “Sadness, but Less

  1. Wow, sounds like a virtual vacation might be in order!! Cats do what they do… SMH I have been cat free for the last 10 years. I have a service dog and she would KILL any cat within sniffing distance with her x squared by a million super sniffer. LOL NO cats allowed. I loved them while I had them, but do NOT miss the litter box and having to keep them inside living in the PNW #1 DOG heaven. LOOOONG story. But my service girl is not only my helpmate, she is my ❤

    When I was little my mama would sing…. A LOT! … When I was feeling put out about anything in general… it would be Doris Day— Que Sera Sera. I was an adult before I learned to spell that one. 😉 What will be, will be.

    Loved the last block layout photo, does the little sawtooth one on the right have a name? Just curious.


  2. I must have missed something posted earlier. I don’t understand that you “think it was one of your cats?” Don’t you know how mamy pets you have? I would be devastated if ANY of my pets got hit by a car? But oh well it was not your favorite. Right?


    1. Two of my cats look identical to two that live down the road. And because the cat is smushed I was too horrified to figure it out. Time will tell if I see them come to the food bowl. I have many barn cats that are for a purpose and not pleasure. Sorry If this offended you Melissa. I appologize for not explaining this clearly.

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  3. I had forgotten you have barn cats; they do go missing often. We have no cats right now, but the next door neighbors have Leo, who is an orange striped tabby and quite the hunter. There are now no longer mice and rabbits raiding our garden, so we don’t complain. Max, however, is not happy about it. He is 14 and losing his hearing and eye sight, so every time he goes out to do his business he sits in the dark at the fence line, hoping Leo will just walk by so he can eat him! I am sad about Max aging, but it is kind of funny!
    Your red blocks are looking great. You will be ecstatic when you can look at 365 in all its flimsy glory!

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