UFO work

Do I even bother to post? Well, here it goes. Not much has happened from last week. I am working on this and ready for it to be done. I have most of the blocks sewn, and am piecing the blocks together. I have changed it up from this picture, just a tad.

Some of my pieces were disturbed and fell off the wall. After I get a quadrant sewn on this, I will take a measurement and see if I need to make it bigger. I don’t think this one is going to be very big. I will have more to report soon. Sorry for the meager post. Some days are great for quilting and others, not so much. Wish me luck for great days of quilting!

And thank you for reading my blog!


4 thoughts on “UFO work

  1. Hate when things fall off the wall. As soon as I get something up these days I grab a quick phone picture… Thought about being a ‘Bob Ross’ having happy little accidents, but I am WAAAAY too OCD! LOL. Wishing you quilty Blessings and a great time when next you quilt! 🙂

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  2. Yes, you bother to post! What seems like nothing to you can catch your friends up on your project, and where your spirits are. I hope you soon have some of those GOOD quilting days!

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