Paralyzed by the accumulation

My little sewing corner, is just that.  A small space to tune out current events, and therapeutically stitch and cut (I cannot say ironing as I am forced to do this in the kitchen).   Last weekend was crazy.  My sewing hobby corner temporarily uprooted to a workshop for half a day.  The remainder of the day was a whoosh of time flying by.  Time was flowing so fast there is not enough time to put up and back how you had the corner before.

My sewing space is a constant shuffle, and acquiring a new machine this week, I had to make room for it while it is not in use.  I have 2 totes, and 3 boxes of fabric.  Anything I have sewn in the last 3 weeks, whether it was from on rings lake,


butter and eggs,


garlic knots,


star capella,


or fanciful flight,


or the tumblers quilt top


Remnants were strewn about.  I was armpit deep in a mess of my own making!  All of it here and there amongst my stack of stuff, that had become a pile.  I dislike throwing fabric away, and much of this pile was a direct result of the pile of scraps.  I had too many projects going on at once with no focus.  All of the above projects have been worked on since Feb 11th.  That is my problem.  Of this grouping, I have one needing to be quilted, one ready for hand quilting, one completely finished, and one almost finished, and lastly one waiting for fabric to come in the mail to finish piecing.

I should have slowed down my pace.  It caught up with me today.  I knew if I did not reorganize the mess I made, the creativity would die, and then cleaning would be more of a chore.  It was yet another joyful process to touch and remember why I had this piece of cloth out.   I have strategically put everything back where it belongs.  I should have done this as I went along.  Do any of you get paralyzed by your stash?  I have too many WIPs going right now.  Is it easier to just focus on one thing at a time?  I am a woman, a mother, and we learn to have eyes in the back of our head.  We can be on the phone while telling the children to stop whatever behavior they are doing, while cooking supper, and paying attention to what is blaring on the TV.  I suppose this mother lode dose of mom training is parlez-ing into all corners of my life, including the sewing corner.

So today was the day where I dared to cleaned up, and take a breath, slow down.  I am left with only one deadline.  The Star Capella baby quilt is being bound now almost ready for an April due date.  Sigh…… Slow and steady hand stitching the binding.

Now I am flummoxed with which project to proceed and enjoy.  The oldest?  The easiest to finish?  Aaaaaaarggghhhh!  Perhaps I am overthinking this.  This hobby is my enjoyment in life.  And the featherweight I just acquired needs to have a bag sewn for it.  After researching this, supposedly the wooden case weakens since its construction in 47.  Another fork in the road.  Eenie, meanie, miny, mo………

Well at least everything is tidied up.  What to work on next?  What should I select?  History shows when I pick just one to work on, all of a sudden out of no where a new quilt with a new deadline arises posthaste.  It is not a question if that is going to happen again, the real question is when?


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