All the Sanity with Insane Quilt Blocks!

The project pocket featured on Daisy and Grace’s youtube channel, and now featured with M*QC, has been used for one of the 365 quilt block challenge blocks. It worked. It had to accompany my home made alpha bitties. So, that means I can only use one pouch and cut one block and then I am at a stop. So it kind of worked with a cutting stopage, LOL

This block had soooooo many pieces. Went up to the letter K for cutting. And it took me a few hours to assemble. Insane! 81 pieces!

I present May 21st!

I rather like how it turned out!

Here are a couple more blocks I have completed this week. I aim to do some more cutting and piecing over the weekend.

And here is this one. I like it’s negative space. It seems to simplify a complicated block! It has turned out to be one of my favorites so far.

Those of you quilters who are keeping their sanity right now by making stuff with your sewing machine, it is good for the soul. It helps mend. So the more insane some of these blocks are, the better for my sanity. Does this make any sense? It is a true exercise of patience and fabric play. A bit of drama with color, cut to bits, shaped into blocks. It is a happy existence. Some of you know what I speak of. For those of you who don’t, I highly recommend a creative, colorful hobby to keep things in the mind at peace. It truly works!

The sun has set, the holiday weekend is upon us. I hope everyone has a safe holiday! And thank you for reading my blog!

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