From the Quilt Stack

paperairplaneGreetings from blog land!  I am busy busy here.  I have two unveils coming up.  I hope to get one completed over the holiday weekend so be looking for a couple of posts from me.  I am starting the FMQ on the TOL quilt.  I am still brain storming on FMQ’ing.  I also have another project which will not take long, but I want to finish one before I get started on the other.

So a quilt from the quilt stack that is a blast from the past.  I made this around this time last year.  I never named this quilt.  It has an air force themed fabric on the back, so what would you call this?  If you could think up a clever name, what would you name this quilt?  I welcome you to name this in the comments!!!!

Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to visit my other blog The Cookbook Project.  Stay tooned….

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