I am such a quilting rebel!

Bonnie Hunter is having a mystery quilt event and today was the first day!

My day started off with fabric at midnight waiting to see what M*QC had to offer for black Friday (glad I did as they were sold out of much by noon).  Then off to Joann’s doorbusters in the morning for more fabric stashing.  When I got home from shopping before 8 am the mystery quilt instructions were available for our first baby step in this new and exciting quilt.  My color choices have changed.  The paint chip idea behind this quilt is genius, and a great help at the LAQS to get the exactly right fabric hue/shade.  Here are my revised choices.

I am not sure if I have made the selections too bright????  However, if it becomes loud that is ok.  Since the children are loud creatures, it will fit right in with their atmosphere.

instruction1I guess I am a quilting rebel.  The instructions said to press to one side and nest seams.  But I know I can be a whole lot more accurate with my iron using my pressing dowel.  It took me a good 6 hours to get these 4 patches done.  I believe there are less than 50 complete and the instructions say to make 200+.

I started binding green lemonade yesterday and got the binding sewn on.  Because I chose black on black it is very hard for me to see with the lighting I have, so that hand stitching, tv watching, goodness is about 1/4 of the way completed.

Moving on to another project, adding to the stash, and completing a quilt (hopefully before the weekend comes to a close) feels oh soooooo good.

6 thoughts on “I am such a quilting rebel!

  1. If the pressing dowel works for you then go for it, I say! A couple of friends of mine are doing the mystery quilt too and, although I don’t want to make it, I was interested to read the instructions for the first step. I wouldn’t make my four patches the way she said either. We must both be quilting rebels. Did you figure out a way to bind those inverted corners?


      1. hmmmm….that makes perfect logical sense. But I have failed to take pictures of this process, partly because of my novice-ness. My work on the binding looks ok but seems to need the work of a hammer at the bulky inverted angles. Next time I revisit this technique I will figure out a way to snip and stitch the extra fabric out of that awkward area.

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  2. Thanks for liking my post https://annwalshquilting.com/2017/01/06/my-workspace/
    I had to chuckle when I read above where you said you were waiting up before Black Friday to see what Missouri Star was going to have on sale because, I was sitting here tonight with some favourites in my cart waiting to see what I would find on day 3 of their current sale! haha I LOVE them and I order frequently, even though I am up in Canada, because they are so fun to deal with and have such great selection and prices. I also smiled when I read that you are a quilting rebel. I find myself in that category sometimes as well and I think it’s where we have the most fun! Happy Quilting 🙂


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