So I am playing with words, but this post is a catch up from my previous post which had no new photos to share.  I am back up and running smoothly, clearer and crisper than ever before.

So here is the baby booties quilt, completed scrappy binding and all.

I see the neighbor’s pup peeking around the edge of the quilt, such a quiet, loving dog.

Here is some close up quilting.  I must say that quilting these boots was just as fun as the fabric selection.  When you look at a pair of cowboy boots, there are firebirds and ornate designs in the stitchings of the leather.

This fabric cries of cowboy boot.  Perfectly placed, fussy cut fabric and then stitched over imperfectly, but fun none-the-less.

And below is the back of the gray and black boot in the lower left corner.  I had to show you the backing I chose.  More boots for the babe.

Another fun design!

Today I took the quilt to work to give to the expectant mother.  She loved it.  Her mother proudly displayed it all day.  I heard so many people say how neat it was and how artistic.  One person said I should quit my day job.  Another asked how much I charged, and the Mother said nothing, and they were like “WHAT?”

I usually silently give the quilt to an empty seat and send them an email with washing instructions.  It is the humble thing to do (I would be horrified if they did not like it and can express that in alone time without me being there).  I usually get a call, or they come visit me and thank me.   Some parents snap photos of the youngins’ on the quilt and give me that photo.  I do not work for free, I do this for the smiles.  Occasionally, I get a hug too.

Each one of these quilts I make is an extension of myself, kind of a baby of sorts.  And so, I gift part of myself not for the parents, but totally for the baby.  A brand new baby quilt for a brand new baby.  Most parents could care less about a quilt.  Children however like to latch onto objects when they are young, and for the first few years of their growing selves, part of me will get to be there, even though I am not physically there.

The great thing about sewing quilts for expectant parents, you get to enjoy a small project.  Another checked off from the bucket list.  In no time you have a quilt, this one was started at the end of July and I leisurely worked on it, and voila, ’tis complete!

Now I am onto the other baby quilt with a sporty theme of HSTs.  I should be able to do a post about that work in progress this weekend.

Oh and I mustn’t forget the double knit, knitted pot holder LOL.


I also uploaded my pizza wedges post on my other blog the cookbookproject.  Click here for that recipe.

Happy Hump day readers!  It’s all downhill until the weekend!  Thank you for reading my blog!

7 thoughts on “Ketchup

  1. Hey GF (it’s GB from MSQC)… I love reading your story about giving… I can relate… I don’t and will never have “blood” grands.. so i give to any one i can having a new baby! For me it such a “win/win”.. the fun of making quilts and as you said the joy you see on their faces… ps.. i am an avid knitter and crocheter… hands never stop.. don’t know what other retired gals do with themselves….. (perhaps some physical and good for their bodies… hehehehe)..

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